How to get the X2 Phantom on Saints Row3?

How to get the X2 Phantom on Saints Row3?

In Saints Row: The Third (aka Saints Row 3) for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, you can unlock the X2 Phantom motorcycle, which is essentially a copy of the famous light cycle from the Tron movies. To unlock the X2 Phantom, you need to complete all of the Trail Blazing activities in the Decker district.

How do you get the Wraith in Saints Row 3?

The Wraith has neon stripes running along the wheels, body, and grill. It has a yellow underglow. In Saints Row: The Third, it is Unlocked in the Garage for completing the hard instance of Cyber Blazing in Ashwood. In Saints Row IV, it is Unlocked in the Garage for completing the “Under Pressure” Side Quest.

What is the flying bike called in Saints Row 3?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Specter – front left in Saints Row The Third.jpg
The Specter in Saints Row: The Third The Specter in Saints Row: The Third
Style VTOL
Class Heli

How do you cheat in Saints Row 3?

Saints Row the Third cheat codes

  1. cheese – Get $100,000.
  2. letsrock – Get all weapons.
  3. lolz – Gang notoriety +1.
  4. oops – Remove gang notoriety.
  5. pissoffpigs – Police notoriety +1.
  6. goodygoody – Remove police notoriety.
  7. whatitmeanstome – Gain respect.
  8. goldengun – One-hit kills.

What is the fastest bike in Saints Row 3?

The Kaneda comes in sleek silver with Ronin dragon decals and a glow-in-the-dark trim finish. It is the best performing bike in the game and only one land vehicle, the Attrazione, can match its speed. The Kaneda is used by Shogo Akuji, and can be obtained during the mission “Rest in Peace” if Shogo slows down.

What is the fastest bike in Saints Row The Third?

Where is the military base in Saints Row 3?

Sierra Point
Sierra Point is an island in Steelport, which is a restricted area, used by the SNG, and STAG when occupying Steelport, as a U.S. Military Base.

Does Saints Row the Third remastered have cheats?

To activate cheats in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, all you have to do is open up your phone and select the cheats app. There is one caveat with using cheat codes in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, however: with them activated the game won’t autosave, and you also cannot unlock achievements or trophies.

How long is Saints Row The Third?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 731 14h
Main + Extras 1K 25h 08m
Completionists 384 41h 02m
All PlayStyles 2.2K 23h 40m

Which of the three vehicles is the fastest?

World’s Fastest Cars

  • SSC Tuatara: 316 mph.
  • Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: 304 mph.
  • Hennessey Venom F5: 301 mph*
  • Koenigsegg Agera RS: 278 mph.
  • Hennessey Venom GT: 270 mph.
  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 268 mph.

How do you get a tank in Saints Row The Third?

Saints Row: The Third

  1. The easiest way to acquire a Challenger is to simply contact the Tank Homie, who delivers one when phoned.
  2. Challengers begin showing up at maximum Notoriety (level 5). The turret gunner must be killed before entering the Challenger.

How many vehicles are there in Saints Row 2?

This is a full list of Vehicles in Saints Row 2. There are 125 Vehicles in Saints Row 2. 58 vehicles return from Saints Row. 67 are new vehicles, 37 of those are land vehicles 42 of those only appear in Saints Row 2. 25 of those return in Saints Row: The Third. There are also 14 DLC vehicles which require additional payment to unlock.

How does dual wielding work in Saints Row?

Dual Wielding is an option for all Pistols and SMGs, by either picking up a second gun, or by selecting them from the Weapons Cache . Dual Wielding doubles the number of bullets fired before reloading. Firing from vehicles is limited to a single gun. Fine Aim is available with dual wielded weapons.

What kind of weapons do you get in Saints Row?

Melee weapons often give a small advantage over pistol-whipping opponents in close combat. All pistols from Saints Row return. Completing all 6 levels of FUZZ in Projects District unlocks unlimited Pistol Ammo. SMGs appear to be in effect machine pistols, and quickly kills most enemies with simple, short bursts.

Can you pick up a second samurai sword in Saints Row 2?

The Kobra’s laser sight is turned off when Dual Weilding. Dual Samurai Swords are not true Dual Wielded weapons, it is a special weapon, and it is not possible to pick up a second Samurai Sword. Saints Row 2 is the only game in the series which allows going back to single weapon after dual wielding them.