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How to get to Kimolos from Milos?

How to get to Kimolos from Milos?

The best way to get to Kimolos is to take the ferry from Milos to Kimolos which operates 3-4 times per day. You can also reach Kimolos by ferry from Piraeus port (Athens), Folegandros and Santorini. The ferry from Milos to Kimolos takes approximately 30 minutes.

What ferries go to Milos?

Milos is connected with Serifos by conventional Blue Star and Zante ferries many times per week as well as by many daily high-speed ferries by Seajet and Aegean Speed.

How far is Milos from Naxos?

95 km
The distance between Naxos and Milos Island is 95 km.

Do I need a car in kimolos?

Some travellers could see much of Kimolos by walking and hiking alone. However, most people would need some form of transportation to explore the whole island. If you are staying for a few days, you could rent a car or ATV for some of your time in Kimolos, and also explore on foot.

Where is Kimolos?

Aegean Sea
Kimolos (Greek: Κίμωλος; Latin: Cimolus) is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It lies on the southwest of the island group of Cyclades, near the bigger island of Milos.

Where can I sleep in Milos?

10 Best Areas Where to Stay in Milos

  1. Adamas, one of the best areas to stay in Milos.
  2. Pollonia, a small fishing village with major charm.
  3. Plaka Milou, where to stay in Milos for nightlife.
  4. Tripiti, a hilltop village with amazing gulf views.
  5. Klima, stunning sunsets.
  6. Triovasalos, where to stay in Milos for a local experience.

How much is a ferry from Athens to Milos?

Ferry tickets from Athens to Milos cost €40 to €70, depending on the type of ferry and class of ticket. Ferries from Athens to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus.

How long is ferry from Milos to Naxos?

around 3 hours 40 minutes
The Milos Naxos ferry route connects Cyclades Islands with Cyclades Islands and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The SeaJets service runs up to 7 times per week with a sailing duration of around 3 hours 40 minutes while the Hellenic Seaways service runs up to 1 times per week with a duration from 6 hr 5 min.

How long is the ferry from Milos to Santorini?

1 hour and 50 minutes
How long is the ferry ride from Milos to Santorini? The duration of the route between Milos and Santorini is from 1 hour and 50 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on the vessel and the ferry company.

How do you get around Milos without a car?

The most common ways to get around Milos are by rented car / ATV / motorbike, bus, taxi, and boat. Milos travel options also include exploring the lovely hiking trails around the island.

Which Greek island has no cars?

island of Hydra
The island of Hydra — less than two hours south of Athens by ferry — offers the ideal Greek island experience, without a long journey across the Aegean. It has one real town, no real roads, no cars and not even any bikes.

Do you need a car in kimolos?