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How to make a table in JSF?

How to make a table in JSF?

JSF Tag Example

  1. ID

Which JSF component can be used to create table?

JSF dataTable tag
JSF dataTable tag is used to display data on JSF view pages. The data bound table components are responsible for displaying the relational data in a tabular format. The tag is used for displaying the data components.

How to display a dataTable in JSF?

JSF provides a rich control named DataTable to render and format html tables….HTML Header.

S.No Tag & Description
1 Display DataTable How to display a dataTable
2 Add data How to add a new row in a dataTable
3 Edit data How to edit a row in a dataTable
4 Delete data How to delete a row in dataTable

What is h dataTable?

h. Tag dataTable. Renders an HTML “table” element compliant with the HTML 401 specification. Render the “caption” facet, if present, inside a “caption” element immediately below the “table” element.

What is panelGrid in JSF?

In JSF , “h:panelGrid” tag is used to generate HTML table tags to place JSF components in rows and columns layout, from left to right, top to bottom.

What are JSF components?

In JSF application, there are certain significant components such as User Interface Components, Renderers, Managed Beans, Convertors, Events and Listeners, Validators, Page Navigations.

Is JSF open source?

JSF 2.3: Spec and implementations One of Java’s strengths is that it is standards based, and those standards are governed by an open source community process.

What is panelGrid?

What is facet in PrimeFaces?

Facets in JSF are used to customize the rendering of a component, without touching its code, like the header facet in datatable, where you can put custom code in datatable header, without touching actual PrimeFaces datatable code.

Is used with JSF?

The latest version JSF 2 uses Facelets as its default templating system. It is written in Java. The JSF API provides components (inputText, commandButton etc) and helps to manage their states….Java Server Faces Versions History.

Versions Release date Description
Jsf 1.0 11-03-2004 It was a initial specification released.


JSF is an MVC framework, implementing the model-view-controller pattern. In a JSF implementation, the view is the Facelets page with its set of XML tags. These define the layout of the user interface. The other half of using JSF is the server-side, where Java classes back those UI components.