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How to sort column in JTable?

How to sort column in JTable?

We can sort a JTable in a particular column by using the method setAutoCreateRowSorter() and set to true of JTable class.

How to sort JTable RowS?

Sorting JTable by multiple columns sortKeys. add( new RowSorter. SortKey(columnIndexForJob, SortOrder. ASCENDING));

How to sort table in java?


  1. Table ascending = t. sortAscending(“mix”, “temp”);
  2. ascending. first(8);
  3. Table descending = t. sortDescending(“mix”, “temp”);
  4. Table sorted = t. sortOn(“mix”, “temp”);
  5. Comparator tempComparator = new Comparator() { @Override public int compare(VRow o1, VRow o2) { return Double.
  6. Table t = table.

What is JTable in Java Swing?

The JTable class is a part of Java Swing Package and is generally used to display or edit two-dimensional data that is having both rows and columns. It is similar to a spreadsheet. This arranges data in a tabular form.

How do I sort a 2D array column wise?

Approach: Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  1. Traverse the matrix.
  2. Find the transpose of the given matrix mat[][].
  3. Store this transpose of mat[][] in a 2D vector, tr[][]
  4. Traverse the rows of the matrix tr[][]
  5. Sort each row of the matrix using the sort function.
  6. Store the transpose of tr[][] in mat[][]

How do you sort a column in Java?

Sort 2D Array in Java

  1. Use java.util.Arrays.sort(T[] a, Comparator c) to Sort a 2D Array Given Column Wise.
  2. Use java.util.Arrays.sort(T[] a) to Sort 2D Array Row-Wise.

What is the purpose of JTable *?

The JTable is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional tables of cells. See How to Use Tables in The Java Tutorial for task-oriented documentation and examples of using JTable .

What is JTree function?

Tree-Related Classes and Interfaces

Class or Interface Purpose
JTree The component that presents the tree to the user.
TreePath Represents a path to a node.

How do I sort an array column wise?

How do I sort column wise?

Given a n x n matrix. The problem is to sort the matrix row-wise and column wise….Approach: Following are the steps:

  1. Sort each row of the matrix.
  2. Get transpose of the matrix.
  3. Again sort each row of the matrix.
  4. Again get transpose of the matrix.