How tough is Capgemini placement?

How tough is Capgemini placement?

The overall difficulty level was average. Person with basic knowledge of C and dsa can do these questions. Fortunately, I passed the test. 53 out of 190 cleared it and selected for Technical interview round.

What is asked in Capgemini exam?

Capgemini Placement Papers – Pseudocode Questions It consists of questions mainly from Data Structure, C/C++, and Digital, Data Structure commands, and syntaxes types of questions like finding the error in the code, binary search tree recursion, functions, loop, pointers, and algorithm.

Is there any elimination round in Capgemini?

There is no negative marking. Each round is a stage-by-stage elimination process. i.e. You need to clear the Pseudocoding Round to get into English, and so on….Capgemini Recruitment Process for 2022 Batch Freshers.

Stage 3
Round Name Game Based Aptitude
Questions 4 Games
Duration (minutes) 20 – 30
Elimination Yes

Is there any negative marking in Capgemini?

There is no negative marking. Overall the cut- off of the exam is high. Pseudo Code section checks the basic knowledge about programming language of the candidates.

Is Capgemini exam easy?

Capgemini Pseudo Coding test checks the basic programming and IT knowledge of a candidate. The difficulty level of these questions is easy to medium.

Is Cracking Capgemini interview tough?

As we know Capgemini is one of the best companies in the world and let me tell you one thing, cracking the Capgemini drive is easy if you prepare hard and plan well. The Capgemini Drive consists of three Rounds. 1) WRITTEN TEST (3 sections).

Is Capgemini written test easy?

How many rounds are in Capgemini test?

Capgemini Recruitment Process 2021 has 4 Rounds of Selection Process: Pseudo Code Round. English Communication Test. Game Based Aptitude Test….

Number of Rounds 4
Test Type Non-Adaptive
Platform of Exam CoCubes
Class 10th marks Minimum 60%
Class 12th marks Minimum 60%