Is a Pontiac 400 engine a big block?

Is a Pontiac 400 engine a big block?

Chevrolet 400 (6.6 litre) Turbo-Fire small block V8: larger displacement than many big blocks. The only time the distinction needs to be made is in the case of Chevrolet’s “400” V8. That’s right, the 455 was not a big block because Pontiac never had a big block. Or a small block.

Are all Pontiac 400 the same?

He advises, “With the exception of the mid- to late-1970s PN 500557 casting, we consider all Pontiac 400 blocks functionally identical. The 455 blocks from 1970 to 1976 are also functionally identical.

Can you stroke a Pontiac 400?

One of the best ones was the Pontiac 400. To get a 400-inch engine, Pontiac started with their proven 389-inch mill and knocked it out to a 4.12-inch bore with a 3.75-inch stroke. Of course, with modern parts it’s easy to add even more displacement to this equation.

Is the Pontiac 326 a good motor?

The 326 is a good engine, durable and under rated. I’ve driven and owned several in the past, and the performance can surprise you. It won’t have quite the power of a similar 400 or 389, but built to stock 326 HO specs, it can be a stormer.

Is a Pontiac 400 a small or big block?

Registered. pontiac v8s 326 to 455 are the same size blocks. the bore and stroke is changed to achive the differant CID. So there are technically no small and big blocks.

Did Pontiac make a 326 engine?

The 326 subsequently became the optional V8 engine for Tempests, and later the Pontiac Firebird, through 1967 and maintained the 17 degree cylinder head valve angle for its entire production run. A higher-output four-barrel carburetor version was offered, called the 326 HO (High Output).

What is horsepower rating on a Pontiac 400?

According to the June 2019 issue of Musclecar Review magazine, during period dyno testing, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rated this Pontiac W72 400 T/A 6.6 engine at 260 to 280 net horsepower instead of the 220 hp rating published by Pontiac. 400 HO

How much does a Pontiac engine weigh?

All Pontiac engines (except the 303 Ram Air V engine and 265 and 301) used 6.625 in (168.3 mm) connecting rods. Dry weight ranged from 590 to 650 pounds (270 to 290 kg), depending on displacement and year. Most Pontiac engines were painted light blue.

Who makes Pontiac Motors?

Pontiac is a Marque of Automobile produced by General Motors and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico from 1926 to the present.

What is 400 Pontiac?

The Pontiac 400 engine was used as a high performance engine in sports cars, and it was used in large cars as a workhorse type engine, strong on power, though not as speedy as the higher performance engines. This was accomplished to a large extent by the use of carburetors .