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Is Airbus A300-600 Safe?

Is Airbus A300-600 Safe?

The Airbus A300 is widely regarded as a reliable aircraft with a good safety record, and has had only eight officially published fatal incidents in 24 years.

How far can the A300 fly?

4,000 nautical miles
With its range of more than 4,000 nautical miles, the A300-600 has the capability to fly all major regional routes of the world’s principal economic regions.

How much fuel does a A300-600 hold?


Range 7 500 km
Max take-off weight 171.7 tonnes
Max landing weight 140 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 130 tonnes
Max fuel capacity 68 150 litres

How many A310 are still flying?

As of July 2017, thirty-seven A310s remain in commercial service; major operators are Air Transat and Mahan Air with nine aircraft each; Fedex Express (six), and seven airlines operating thirteen aircraft between them.

Are A300s still flying?

It was the first twin-engine widebody airliner, and was launched by Air France in 1974. Over the 30 years it was in production, 567 aircraft were delivered to 22 different carriers, according to data from ch-aviation. Today, around 170 A300s are still in service, despite their age.

What airlines still fly A300?

Airbus A300

First flight 28 October 1972
Introduction 23 May 1974 with Air France
Status In service
Primary users FedEx Express UPS Airlines European Air Transport Leipzig Mahan Air

Can an A300 cross the Atlantic?

In April 1983, the aircraft entered revenue service with Swissair and competed with the Boeing 767-200, introduced six months before. Its longer range and ETOPS regulations allowed it to be operated on transatlantic flights.

Which airline has the most A300?

FedEx Express
The largest freight operator of the A300 is FedEx Express, which has 68 A300 aircraft in service. UPS Airlines also operates 52 freighter versions of the A300. The final version was the A300-600R and is rated for 180-minute ETOPS.

Does the Airbus A300 still fly?

The Airbus A300 was a truly versatile aircraft in its heyday. As a result, the majority of the 223 Airbus A300s still in service operate in a freighter capacity. That leaves just a small handful of Airbus A300s still flying as passenger planes today.