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Is Alpental the same as Snoqualmie?

Is Alpental the same as Snoqualmie?

The Summit at Snoqualmie is generally known for beginner runs and Central’s massive terrain park, but Alpental – while on the same lift ticket – is far different from the rest of the ski area.

Is Alpental part of Summit at Snoqualmie?

The Summit consists of four base areas that used to be individually owned and operated resorts. Alpental, Summit West (formerly Snoqualmie Summit), Summit Central (formerly Ski Acres), and Summit East (formerly Hyak and PacWest), border Lake Keechelus on the East and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness on the West/North.

What mountain is Alpental on?

Summit at Snoqualmie
Alpental | Summit at Snoqualmie.

How difficult is Alpental?

Alpental Ski area is the most challenging skiing & riding that you will find at the Summit. It’s also very close to Seattle. The terrain at Alpental is actually really good. Several steep and long run, unusual for this area.

How many lifts are at Snoqualmie Pass?

The ski resort is accessed mainly by chair lifts. However, most of them are fixed griped. There are three detachable (high speed) quad chair lifts….All lifts/​cable cars The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Number of ski lifts 21
Total capacity 31370 Passengers/hour
Total lift length 11.4 km Total

Can you ski at Snoqualmie Pass?

In less than an hour drive from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle and you can be skiing and snowboard at the Summit at Snoqualmie. With four separate base areas, Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central, and Summit East, there is terrain for every level of skier and snowboarder to enjoy.

What is the altitude at Snoqualmie Pass?

Snoqualmie Pass/Elevation

How much snow does Snoqualmie Pass need to open?

How much snow does The Summit need to open? About 2-3 feet.

What elevation is Snoqualmie?


How steep is Alpental?

Alpental is served by three double chairs, one detachable high-speed quad and one surface lift. The ski resort has 2,280 feet of vertical and averages 434 inches of snow a year. There are 24 trails.

Are Snoqualmie Pass tickets refundable?

If The Summit is not open for the date purchased, you will receive a refund for that date. Refunds or credits will not be provided for partial, or base area closures.

Are chains required on Snoqualmie Pass?

According to the Department of Transportation, chains are required on all vehicles traveling east, except those with all wheel drive, on both westbound and eastbound I-90 at the Snoqualmie Pass Summit. WSDOT is reporting snow and slush on the road.

Is there parking at Alpental in the winter?

For the 20/21 winter season we are piloting a new passholder only program for Lot 4 at Alpental. The uppermost parking lot at Alpental will be for passholders only this winter. Passholders should be prepared to show their season pass as they approach the upper lots – only one pass required per vehicle.

Where do you get a pass for the Alpental?

A specific Back Bowls Pass is required to access the Alpental Back Bowls and Backcountry. To get a pass please visit Alpental Patrol at the top of Edelweiss Chair.

What are the names of the ski areas at Snoqualmie?

Snoqualmie Pass is also the site of The Summit at Snoqualmie, a group of alpine ski areas managed by Boyne USA Resorts. The Summit consists of four ski areas: Alpental, Summit West (formerly named Snoqualmie Summit), Summit Central (formerly Ski Acres), and Summit East (formerly Hyak).

Where is the summit of the Snoqualmie Pass?

Snoqualmie Pass is a mountain pass that carries Interstate 90 through the Cascade Range in the U.S. State of Washington. The pass summit at an elevation of 3,015 feet is on the county line between Kittitas County and King County.