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Is April a good time to visit Florence Italy?

Is April a good time to visit Florence Italy?

The best times to go to Florence are during April, May, and September, when the weather is warm but not hot, and open-air dining is enjoyable. Summer can be very hot in Florence, with many locals fleeing the city for cooler weather in August. The best months to visit Florence are April, May, and October.

Is Florence Nice in April?

Weather in Florence and Tuscany is generally pretty mild but Florence’s location in a valley makes temperatures vary from other areas in Tuscany….Weather in Florence: the Best Time to Go to Florence.

March 59 °F (15 °C) 40 °F (4 °C)
April 65 °F (18 °C) 45 °F (7 °C)

When should I visit Florence Italy?

The best time to visit Florence is between May and September when warm weather ushers in art festivals, open-air dining and the kind of Italian sunshine that inspired the Renaissance painters. Unfortunately, it also brings sweltering weather, tourist swarms and high hotel rates.

What is the weather in Italy in April?

Average high temperatures in central Italy in April are in the mid-60s °F (18-20°C). Southern Italy sees 6-8 days of rain on average in April. Temperatures range from lows in the low- to mid-50s °F (11-13°C) to highs in the upper 60s °F (18-20°C).

Is Florence crowded in April?

Shoulder Season: April falls bang in the middle of the shoulder season,when the city is not overflowing with tourists but isn’t completely deserted either. What that means is shorter waiting lines for popular attractions, reasonably priced accommodation and a general escape from the overcrowded peak tourist season.

What are winters like in Florence Italy?

Winter, from December to February, is quite mild. However, it can be more or less cold, depending on weather situation. On sunny days, the night temperature often approaches freezing (0 °C or 32 °F), and there can be some morning fogs.

Is Florence expensive to visit?

Florence Isn’t Expensive While the accommodation prices aren’t the lowest, food can surely be affordable if you avoid typical tourist traps such as eating next to Piazza del Duomo or Ponte Vecchio. Most things to do in Florence are actually free too, or costs between 6 to 10 Euros.

What is the warmest part of Italy in April?

Venice had its hottest April in a long time, with a high of 26.6C beating the 26C recorded in both 2000 and 2010. Over in Genoa on the Ligurian coast, the mercury hit 28.8C, more than a full degree hotter than the previous record of 27.2C, set 11 years earlier.

How should I dress in Italy in April?

Leave behind sleeveless tops, beach wear, anything white and high heels. Take long pants, socks, comfortable shoes and boots and sweaters, shirts and hoodies you can layer. You’ll probably want a rain jacket, umbrella and waterproof shoes for those occasional rainy days.

Is April a good time to visit Tuscany?

The best times to visit Tuscany are between late September and October and between April and May. During these months, travelers will find comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds at the major sights. As expected, summer ushers in high temperatures and heavy crowds.