Is Brisbane Jagera and Turrbal?

Is Brisbane Jagera and Turrbal?

Historical records identify a great number of languages spoken across the area we now know as the greater Brisbane region. In the region of the Brisbane CDB, records indicate the Yuggera language was spoken by the Turrbul and Jagera people.

How do you say hello in Turrbal?

If you were in Brisbane, or Meeanjin, and decided to meet a friend at Mount Coot-tha, you might say hello in the Turrbal dialect, “Galang nguruindhau”, which is pronounced, “Ga-lung ngoo-rroo-win-dha-woo”.

What nation do the Turrbal people belong to?

The Turrbal are an Aboriginal Australian people from the region of present-day Brisbane, Queensland. The name primarily referred to the dialect they spoke, the tribe itself being alternatively called Mianjin/Meanjin. Mianjin was the Turrbal word for the central Brisbane area.

Who are the traditional owners of new farm?

New Farm is the land of the Turrbal people. The Turrbal people are the traditional owners of most of Brisbane, with their land reaching as far up as North Pine River and as far south as Logan River. The Brisbane River is of great importance to the Turrbal nation and is seen as life-source of food.

What is the Aboriginal name for the Logan River?

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The Logan River at Jimboomba, 2011
Location of the Logan River mouth in Queensland
Etymology Captain Patrick Logan
Native name Dugulumba

What is the Aboriginal word for goodbye?

But as with many Aboriginal languages there’s no simple way of saying goodbye in Wiradjuri. Traditionally, there was little use for such a term. The nearest word like that in Wiradjuri is guwayu – which means in a little while, later or after some time.

What does Buderim mean in Aboriginal?

The name Buderim is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘badderam’ meaning honeysuckle (a type of Banksia), a plant which grew abundantly around the plateau.

What did the Turrbal people eat?

The river’s abundant supply of food included fish, shellfish, crabs and shrimps. The good fishing places became campsites and the focus of group activities. The Turrbal people of North Brisbane were the original owners of the country around the Boondall Wetlands.

Who are the traditional owners of Mt Gravatt?

Well before white settlement, Mount Gravatt was called “Kagarr Mabul’ by the Jagera and Turrbul Aboriginal people, which means “place of echidnas”.

Are there crocodiles in the Logan River?

There have also been several reported sightings of crocodiles in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. The most famous was a four-metre crocodile shot in the Logan River and photographed in 1905. Mr Opit said he believed the crocodiles did swim from further north.

Where are the ancestors of the Turrbal tribe?

These bloodlines link Turrbal peoples’ past, present and future to one another, with traditional customs and laws intact. The beautiful ancestral homelands of the Turrbal Tribe stretch north from Elimbah Creek, south to the Logan River, and inland as far as Moggill.

How can I get in touch with Turrbal?

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Who are the Turrbal and Jagera Aboriginal people?

Brisbane was home to the Jagera and Turrbal Aboriginal clans. Before European settlement, the land, the river and its tributaries were the source and support of life in all its dimensions.