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Is Cambridge Audio still in business?

Is Cambridge Audio still in business?

Manufacturing and the company today Investment in new products continues and the company now employs 91 people including an in-house engineering team of 24, based at the Cambridge Audio HQ in London, SE1 and at the company’s Cambridge base. The current annual turnover is in excess of £26 million.

Is Cambridge Audio worth it?

The sound is almost as good – although you’ll have to attach an annoying USB dongle to use Bluetooth – and the functionality, build quality, and design are fundamentally the same. We think it’s worth spending the extra money, but if you want to experience Cambridge on a relative budget, check out the CXA60.

Is arcam the same as Cambridge Audio?

The Cambridge that produced the old P range of amps and A&R Cambridge are different companies. This site will tell you more about A&R Cambridge that rebranded them selves ARCAM.

How do I connect to Cambridge Audio?

To connect to the TVB2 via Bluetooth for the first time, please follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on the TVB2 remote.
  2. Once ‘BT’ is pulsing, press and hold the Bluetooth button.
  3. You are then able to follow the Bluetooth settings of your chosen device and connect to the bar.

Do richer sounds own Cambridge Audio?

However, Richer Sounds does not own Audio Partnership or Cambridge Audio, and Audio Partnership regional offices or other distributors are responsible for the sale of Audio Partnership products outside of the UK.

Is Cambridge a good amplifier?

Verdict: The Cambridge Audio CXA 81 integrated amplifier is probably the best-value amplifier in its class. You’d have to pay a lot more money, or possibly opt for a power and preamp combo, to get anything that sounds close.

Is Cambridge Audio owned by richer sounds?

If you’ve not heard of Cambridge Audio before that might be because it is only sold in Richer Sounds. If you have heard of it that’s probably because you know good audio brands and want your kit designed in the UK.

Is arcam a good brand?

They are a British brand and their receivers are designed for audiophiles. Arcam makes sure you have all you need for a fantastic receiver that looks and sounds great. But they don’t waste time and money on things which don’t serve the core requirements. It’s all about the sound and performance.

What is Stream Magic?

StreamMagic is the clever combination of hardware and software from Cambridge Audio that sits at the heart of your network audio player and allows you to access a huge variety of digital content at the touch of a button.

Does the Cambridge Audio cxn v2 support Amazon Music HD?

Will the cxn v2 actually stream amazon hd (16-bit/44.1khz) through chromecast as suggested by cambridge audio in the silver v2 q&a? Answer: At this time Chromecast only supports Amazon Music’s standard quality through chromecast, and CD-quality cannot be achieved through Chromecast but it can be used with Airplay.

Where does Julian Richer live?

Richer is married to Rosie, a fashion model. They live near York in North Yorkshire, England.

Where are Cambridge Audio made?

Cambridge Audio encompasses the best parts of collaborative start-up production with the scale of a mass-manufactured end product. The mass production part happens in China before being shipped to the UK ready for sale. The result is high quality sound at affordable prices.