Is Castrol EDGE the same as Syntec?

Is Castrol EDGE the same as Syntec?

PRESS RELEASE: Castrol rebrands Syntec as EDGE with SPT retaining its top selling formula. It’s the same great world-class product, now with a new Castrol global name.

How many miles is Castrol Syntec good for?

Six Months or 10,000 to 15,000 miles Most synthetic oils, such as Castrol, are rated to last between 10,000 and 15,000 miles or six months. These ratings are only recommendations typically applied to “normal driving,” and do not reflect severe driving conditions that may require more-frequent oil changes.

Can I use Castrol Edge 5W30?

Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife III 5W-30 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA C3 5W-30 lubricant.

What is Castrol Edge 5W30?

Castrol EDGE 5W-30 LL is an advanced full synthetic engine oil suitable for use in automotive petrol and diesel vehicles where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA C3 lubricant. Castrol EDGE 5W-30 LL is approved by leading manufacturers: Refer to the Product Performance section.

Does synthetic oil have petroleum?

Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially made. Synthetic lubricants can be manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil, but can also be synthesized from other raw materials.

Is Castrol EDGE good for high mileage?

Castrol EDGE High Mileage provides 10X better high temperature performance* than the latest industry standard. As your car ages, it can lose performance and efficiency and is also more prone to catalytic converter failure. Castrol EDGE High Mileage helps your car defy its miles and extend maximum performance.

What’s the difference between Castrol 5W30 M and LL?

Castrol Edge 5W30 M is designed for BMW. Castrol Edge 5W30 LL is designed for VW group and carries the Spec VW507.

Is Castrol EDGE good?

Castrol Edge is an excellent choice for those who want the best for their engine. The synthetic oil comes with superior additives that offer enhanced protection. The oil provides a stable film of protection around the moving engine parts. The film minimizes metal to metal contact, which reduces wear and tear.

Is Castrol 5w30 good?

Castrol EDGE, an advanced full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil, is Castrol’s strongest oil and a great option for those who want the very best for their car. If your car has over 75,000 miles on the odometer, Castrol GTX High Mileage 5W-30 can help protect your emission system while helping to extend the life of your engine.