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Is Christina Aguilera Hispanic?

Is Christina Aguilera Hispanic?

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing and to celebrate, Christina Aguilera curated a playlist on Spotify that pays tribute to her Latin roots. The powerhouse, who is half Ecuadorian, shared a mix of 32 songs that best represent her childhood in addition to “some newer records that have been inspiring me as of late.”

Why is Christina Aguilera called Xtina?

She said that one of the options for a potential stage name was “Christina Agee.” “That clearly wasn’t going to fly,” Aguilera said. “I was dead set against the idea and I wanted to represent who I really was. Being Latina, it is a part of my heritage and who I am.”

What’s Christina Aguilera’s Instagram?

Christina Aguilera (@xtina) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is Christina Aguilera white?

Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York City, New York to musician Shelly Loraine Fidler Kearns and U.S. Army sergeant Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera Monge. Her father is Ecuadorian and her mother, who is American-born, has English, Scots-Irish, and German ancestry.

How Did Christina Aguilera get her voice?

But her voice is also heavily influenced by the old-school sounds of vintage jazz, soul and blues, with Aguilera herself citing her vocal inspirations as Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone.

Who has more hit songs Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Britney has logged six Billboard Top 10 hits since Christina managed her last one in 2008. But it’s unclear how much of a lift the show has given to Aguilera’s catalog. Her only album since becoming a Voice judge was 2012’s The Lotus, and only two of its songs have more than 10 million streams.

Who is Christina Aguilera with now?

Matthew Rutler (2010–)
Christina Aguilera/Partner
Aguilera — who shares 7-year-old Summer Rain Rutler with fiancé Matthew Rutler and is also the mom of 13-year-old Max Bratman, her son with former husband Jordan Bratman — also shared several photos, including a posed mother-daughter shot and some hilarious candids.

Are Italians Roman?

If you take Romans to mean citizens of Rome/Latium then only a small amount of the genetic heritage of modern day Italians will be “Roman”. If, however, you are asking whether modern day Italians are descended from the population that lived in Italy during Roman times the answer is: most probably and in most cases yes.