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Is Cloud 9 or GHD better?

Is Cloud 9 or GHD better?

If you’re a little wary about ‘frying’ your hair and feel like you need temperature controls, opt for Cloud Nine. On the other hand, if you prefer a consistent temperature and a wider range at your disposal, maybe a ghd is more up your alley.

Are Cloud 9 and GHD the same company?

YORKSHIRE-BASED Cloud Nine Hair, set up by the founder of ghd, is looking at worldwide growth just three years after it launched.

How do I fix GHD eclipse?

GHD Mk6 Eclipse

  1. Unplug the irons from the wall.
  2. Wait ten seconds.
  3. Hold the on/off button down while you plug them back in and keep it held for a further five seconds.
  4. Release the on/off button.
  5. Then turn on as usual.

Why are my hair straighteners not working?

Check the cord for any frayed or exposed wires. If that is fine, it could either be a faulty on/off switch or a blown fuse. See our troubleshooting guide here for more information. if your flat iron is not working then make sure it’s plugged in or you can replace it with a new one.

Does ghd ruin your hair?

THE professor behind the world famous GHD hair straightener has revealed the BIGGEST mistake consumers make when they use it. Cambridge University’s Dr Moore said using the product incorrectly can cause damage to hair follicles and prevent a style lasting all day.

Which Cloud 9 is the best?

Best Cloud Nine Products 2019

  • Cloud Nine Wide Iron.
  • Cloud Nine Waving Wand.
  • Cloud Nine The Curling Wand.
  • Cloud Nine Micro Iron.
  • Cloud Nine The O Pod.
  • Cloud Nine The Airshot Hairdryer.
  • Cloud Nine Amplify Spray.
  • Cloud Nine Magical Potion.

Why are my ghds beeping and not heating up?

Shiver Mode is a feature that GHD straighteners have built in in all models after the GHD 3.1b. It is designed so that when the temperature is below about 11 degrees C the ghds will not power the heater plates up and the GHD,s will just make a constant beeping noise.

Why do my GHD eclipse keep beeping?

If they randomly Ghd beeping from time to time when using them then it will be a power cable problem or with the power cable connector inside. The ghds will be turning off due to a intermittent power fault. They will be losing power for a short time and then when the power connection is made again there will be a beep.

Why is my GHD flashing and not heating up?

There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 is a fault in the circuit boards in side the GHD arms and the other is ‘Shiver Mode’. If your GHDs are constantly beeping and wont heat up, before you book a repair let the straighteners warm up to above 11 degrees and they should then work properly.

Why have my ghds just stopped working?

No power to your ghds could also mean the thermal fuse has blown inside. If your ghds won’t turn on it may also be a resistor on the circuit board that has blown. A very common fault on this model and again can be diagnosed and repaired by using our service. These are the most common causes of ghds dying.

How long should GHD hair straighteners last?

How long do GHD straighteners last? GHD straighteners can last very long if you look after them – often a solid number of years. Most of them come with a two to three year warranty but some users claim they’ve been using the same model for over a decade.

Which is better Cloud Nine or GHD IV straighteners?

Perhaps not an entirely fair comparison as I am using Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners against ghd IV Stylers, the latter being the straighteners for all hair types, whereas the Cloud 9 Wide are for thick and curly hair. However, the ghd IV Stylers really stood up to the test and performed incredibly well.

Who is the founder of Cloud 9 hair straighteners?

Cloud 9 was set up by one of the original founders of ghd, Robert Powls. In 2010, Cloud 9 launched their rival hair straightener to the ghd IV Styler with the The Cloud Nine Original Iron. It was quite a blaze of publicity as Cloud 9 got their straighteners into the high street salons.

What’s the difference between ghds and Cloud Nine?

I find the ghd fries my hair after prolonged use- even with protectants. The quality has supposedly dropped in the latest models as well. I’m wondering about Cloud Nine & GlamPalm straighteners? Anyone used them & any opinions? My hair is the same as urs.

What’s the temperature of a GHD hair straightener?

GHD stylers take 30-40 seconds to reach their maximum temperature. Cloud Nine hair straighteners come with adjustable heat settings. This means you can vary the styler’s temperature between 100 and 200 degrees Celsius, with seven different options to work with.