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Is CopyTrans safe to install?

Is CopyTrans safe to install?

CopyTrans comes as a zip file, but installs and uninstalls cleanly. It’s a worthy program for restoring your iPhone, iPod, and iPad content and easily transferring files between devices. We recommend it for all user levels.

How can I get CopyTrans for free?

How to get more free actions in CopyTrans?

  1. Once you transfer your first 100 tracks, a new window will appear prompting you to get additional free actions.
  2. Simply click on a share option.
  3. Each time you share you get 50 free actions up to a maximum of 200.

Is CopyTrans completely free?

The best of all? CopyTrans Manager is portable, 100% free and it supports all iPhones, iPads and iPods. The smart and simple way to use your iPhone as a USB flash drive. A free tool, CopyTrans Filey will help you transfer movies, eBooks, work documents and more between your iPhone and computer.

Does CopyTrans work with iPhone?

iOS drivers allow your computer – and, in turn, CopyTrans programs – to communicate with iOS devices. Once iOS drivers are installed, you can use CopyTrans programs with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch of your choice.

What does CopyTrans cost?

Many Apple device owners may still wish that moving files from a device to your PC were natively supported by Apple. Until then, though, there’s CopyTrans. Note: The demo version allows for backing up only 100 tracks at a time. The full version costs $20.

Is CopyTrans manager legit?

CopyTrans Manager is a good option if you often want to bypass iTunes when moving music from your computer to your iOS device. Its clear interface and convenient setup make it great for this purpose, but if you’re looking for a way to manage all of the data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you may be disappointed.

How do I use CopyTrans?

CopyTrans Simple version

  1. If you want to copy all your music to iTunes, open CopyTrans and click on the ‘iTunes’ button.
  2. If you want to copy all your music to a folder on your PC, open CopyTrans and click on the ‘Folder’ button.
  3. Then select the folder you want to back up to and press OK.

How can I manage my iPhone Without iTunes?

5 iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Data Between Your iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad) and Computer Without iTunes

  1. PhoneView for Mac.
  2. iPhone to PC Transfer Tool.
  3. iMazing (formerly known as DiskAid).
  4. SharePod.
  5. iFunbox.
  6. Wondershare TunesGo Retro.

How can I buy CopyTrans?

There are two possible ways to buy CopyTrans programs: Purchase from within the program (in-app purchase) Purchase from our online Store….Purchase from within the program (in-app purchase)

  1. You can buy directly from within the application without navigating to the website.
  2. In the new window, choose “Buy Now”.

Is CopyTrans Cloudly good?

CopyTrans Cloudly is an excellent option for those who need a simple way to transfer the photos from their iCloud. Moreover, this product will come in handy if you want to restore all your recently deleted photos or free up space in your library. Mind that it doesn’t work offline as it needs to connect iCloud servers.

How do I start CopyTrans?

Start the CopyTrans Control Center and open the program you wish to activate. Click on the Options button (upper right corner in the program) then click on the “Activate” tab. Now get hold of your invoice and look for your activation details at the bottom of your invoice: First name, Last name and Activation code.

Where does CopyTrans backup files to?

Smart backup feature allows you to back up your entire iPhone/iPod/iPad music library to iTunes in one click. The app automatically transfers all tracks, related information, artworks and playlists to iTunes. CopyTrans decides what needs to be transferred, and it the result is duplicate free.