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Is Fast Forward Academy good?

Is Fast Forward Academy good?

Very good learning system. I passed all the exams on first try.” “I used Fast Forward Academy to prepare for the EA exam, which I passed all three parts the first time. Their prep courses, Q&A from the community, and practice exams helped greatly in the preparation for the real test.

Who owns Fast Forward Academy?

Rain Hughes
Rain Hughes – CEO – Fast Forward Academy, LLC | LinkedIn.

Is there an app for Fast Forward Academy?

Although Fast Forward Academy does not have a special mobile app, its course is designed to be compatible with all internet-accessing mobile devices. So if you want to be able to dstudy on your laptop, phone, and/or tablet, you can with Fast Forward!

How long does it take to study for the enrolled agent exam?

How much time should I expect to review the Enrolled Agent study material? Depending on experience, you should expect to invest up to 40-70 hours of total study time for each exam part.

What is the best Enrolled Agent prep course?

What Are The Best EA Review Courses? These are the Top 5 Best EA Review Courses in 2021 ( September):

  • Surgent EA Review Course.
  • Gleim EA Review Course.
  • Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course.
  • Lambers EA Review Course.
  • Wiseguides EA Study Materials.

What is an enrolled agent for taxes?

An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by either passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns, or through experience as a former IRS employee.

What Fast Forward means?

To think ahead to a later time or stage in a sequence of events. verb. Fast forward is defined as to cause something to advance at quicker than normal speed. An example of fast forward is when you press the button on your remote to jump ahead so you do not have to watch commercials. verb.

What’s another word for fast forward?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fast-forward, like: full speed, caspe, double-time, maximum speed {compare rewind}, SCCJR, FRMRC, rewind and fast-forwarding.

How much does Fast ForWord cost?

A single license for Fast ForWord® Language costs $999, with discounts available for multiple licenses. Each license for Fast ForWord® to Reading costs $554, with no quantity discount. Cost information for Fast ForWord® to Literacy is available from the developer.

What is Fast Forward Reading Program?

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, adaptive reading and language program that delivers 1-2 years gain in 40-60 hours of use for any struggling learner.

Is it worth becoming an Enrolled Agent?

Individuals who are considering a new career path may find that becoming an enrolled agent is the right choice. Offering excellent job security and the opportunity to have jurisdiction throughout the United States, the position of enrolled agent can provide a good salary along with a rewarding career.

How hard is the see exam?

The pass rate on the SEE varies for each of the three parts of the exam. The most difficult test for most candidates is Part 2 (Businesses). Part 1 of the exam (Individuals) is also challenging; approximately 75-80% of exam-takers have passed this part of the exam in the past three years.