Is Haven a good show?

Is Haven a good show?

A few years later Syfy aired Haven, loosely based on the story. Almost impossibly, the show managed to be even better than the book, and two seasons later, Haven has become one of the best but most underrated supernatural shows on TV. The setting has the added bonus of giving the show some truly gorgeous scenery.

Where is Haven located?

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was used as a setting for Haven, Maine in the television show Haven.

What is the TV series Haven based on?

novel The Colorado Kid
Based loosely on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid, the series stars Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, an outsider to the Maine island community of Haven, who has the ability to recognize the dangerous anomalies that the more acclimated locals no longer notice.

Is Haven based on a Stephen King book?

Haven is an American-Canadian supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid (2005). The show, which deals with strange events in a fictional town in Maine named Haven, was filmed on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and was an American/Canadian co-production.

What year is Haven set in?

Duke and Nathan are sent back in time to 1955, and Audrey is the only one who realizes that their actions are having serious consequences in present-day Haven.

Will there be a season 6 of Haven?

In August 2015, Syfy cancelled the series after five seasons. During the course of the series, 78 episodes of Haven aired over five seasons.

Did Haven get Cancelled?

Syfy Cancels ‘Haven’ After 5 Seasons.

Who does Audrey end up with in Haven?

Nathan Wuornos
Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos have a working relationship in the very beginning. Over time their relationship has grows to a romantic one. They are a couple as of Season 4.

Is Haven ever coming back?

Haven: Syfy TV Series Cancelled; No Season Six The cable channel has cancelled the TV show after five seasons. The remaining 13 episodes of season five will begin airing on October 8th.