Is Hill End worth visiting?

Is Hill End worth visiting?

Beautifully preserved historic gold mining town. Hill End is a well-preserved gold mining ghost town which is now an important historic site and a major tourist attraction. Surrounded by rugged mountain and gorge country, it is a prosperous 19th century town held in aspic.

Is the road to Hill End sealed?

The Hill End Road is a sealed and an unsealed road in New South Wales. It goes from Hill End to near Mudgee. The Hill End Road’s highest elevation along its length is 928m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 460m (highlight point | zoom to point).

Is there still gold in Hill End?

hill end. Hill End is the site of the discovery in 1872 of the famous Holtermann Nugget – the largest single mass of gold ever discovered, weighing in at 285kg. It is illegal to pan for gold within the town of Hill End, however there is a fossicking area set aside just north of the town at Tambaroora.

Is the road from Bathurst to Hill End sealed?

Sofala is around a 45 minute drive north of Bathurst, in Central West NSW. The road is sealed all the way, with some steep and winding sections. Hill End is a further half hour to 45 minute drive from Sofala. Again the road is sealed all the way, with several steep and windy sections.

Where is the son of Hope Mine?

The Star Of Hope Mine is an underground gold mine. The Star Of Hope Mine just off the Clyde River in New South Wales is a mine about 220km south-southwest of Sydney (show me). The Star Of Hope Mine is at an elevation of approximately 21m above sea level.

Who discovered Hill End?

Russell Drysdale
In the late 1940s Hill End was discovered by artists Russell Drysdale, who painted possibly his best-known work, The cricketers there, and Donald Friend, and it quickly became an artists’ colony. Other artists who worked there included Jean Bellette.

Is there gold in Sofala?

Sofala has been reported to be the oldest surviving gold-rush town in Australia. There are still gold prospectors who pass the time using metal detectors, gold pans, and sluice boxes to recover small quantities of gold dust.

Is Hill End in a national park?

Hill End Historic Site is preserved by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. You can camp at either the Village Campground or Glendora Campground.

Is there gold in Oberon?

Fossicking is a popular and rewarding activity in the Oberon District. There are some perfect designated fossicking spots… You maybe lucky to find sapphires, zircons, industrial diamonds, and gold. There are a number of designated areas around Oberon, including Sapphire Bend in the Vulcan State Forest.

Do you need a Licence to fossick for gold in NSW?

Fossicking is looking for and collecting gems or minerals with hand tools. This includes looking for gold using metal detectors or pans. You must have a permit to fossick in a NSW state forest, and you can apply for one online.

Who found the first gold?

Gold Discovered in California. Many people in California figured gold was there, but it was James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848, who saw something shiny in Sutter Creek near Coloma, California.

Who found the first gold in NSW?

Edward Hammond Hargraves
Edward Hammond Hargraves is credited with finding the first payable goldfields at Ophir, near Bathurst, New South Wales, on 12 February 1851. News of gold spread quickly around the world and in 1852 alone, 370,000 immigrants arrived in Australia.

What to do at Hill End in NSW?

Discover life during the gold rush at Hill End Historic Site. Explore heritage buildings and mine relics. You can camp out or stay in heritage accommodation. Step back in time at Hill End Historic Site and discover the enduring legacy of colonial New South Wales and the roaring early days of the gold rush.

Is the Hill End historic site open on weekends?

in the Country NSW region. Hill End Historic Site is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger. Hill End Historic Site office. 02 6370 9050. Contact hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm. Closed weekends and public holidays.

How big is Hill End Museum in Bathurst?

We are situated on 1200 acres right outside Hill End and close to historic Sofala and Bathurst. Perfect for a trip back in time. Book a guided tour or while you are at the museum we can tell you all the historic Hill End sites to visit and even provide you with a self guide tour map.

How long is a tour of Hill End?

We have a range of tour options available including the museum/mine, Hill End and surrounding region. Enjoy an introductory lecture and 15 minute history video featuring Hill End and some of its earlier residents.