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Is Hospira owned by Pfizer?

Is Hospira owned by Pfizer?

Pfizer acquired Hospira in September 2015 in a deal worth about $17 billion. Hospira, headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, develops and markets injectable drugs and infusion technologies.

Does Hospira still exist?

“We are pleased that Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies and a global leader in biosimilars, is now part of Pfizer. The global market for biosimilars is estimated to be approximately $20 billion in 2020.

What does Hospira make?

Hospira was an American global pharmaceutical and medical device company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois….Hospira.

Type Subsidiary
Products Generic acute-care and oncology injectables, integrated infusion therapy, medication management systems
Revenue $4.5 billion (2014)

Is ICU Medical owned by Hospira?

(NASDAQ: ICUI) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of the Hospira Infusion Systems (HIS) business from Pfizer Inc. pumps, solutions, and devices that, when combined with the company’s existing businesses, makes ICU Medical one of the world’s leading pure-play infusion therapy companies.

Is Mayne Pharma a good company?

Mayne is a great place to gain GMP experience and work with different types of instrumentation, especially HPLC. Benefits are good. Free food at the cafeteria while it lasted.

What kind of products does Hospira Corporation make?

Hospira, Inc. is a hospital products company that manufactures medication delivery systems, generic pharmaceuticals, and intensive care pharmaceuticals. Hospira’s pharmaceutical products include generic injectables used in areas such as anesthesia, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, and pain management.

Where was the headquarters of Hospira before Pfizer?

Hospira. Hospira was an American global pharmaceutical and medical device company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. It had approximately 19,000 employees. Before its acquisition by Pfizer, Hospira was the world’s largest producer of generic injectable pharmaceuticals, manufacturing generic acute-care and oncology injectables,…

When did Hospira start trading on the Stock Exchange?

Origins When Hospira began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on May 3, 2004, the debut marked the start of a “new” company, a company with roots stretching back nearly 70 years. Hospira was new in name only, constituting one substantially sized arm of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Who is the non executive chairman of Hospira?

Hospira named John Staley its non-executive chairman with the retirement of former executive chairman Christopher Begley in January 2012. Begley had announced his retirement as Hospira’s chief executive in August 2010, but had remained as executive chairman. In 2015, Pfizer signed an agreement to acquire Hospira.