Is indestructible the same as Hexproof?

Is indestructible the same as Hexproof?

702.12c Multiple instances of indestructible on the same permanent are redundant. Hexproof means that the creature cannot be targeted by any spells (of that color) by your opponent. All targeted spells and abilities state it in the card. It can still be hit with abilities that do not target anything.

Does Hexproof counter indestructible?

As long as you control a Human, Angelic Overseer has hexproof and indestructible. Flying is an evasion ability. These abilities limit which creatures can block the attacking one.

Can spells destroy indestructible?

Indestructible objects can be targeted by spells and abilities that would destroy. Permanents that have the indestructible ability cannot be destroyed by effects that would destroy them or, if the permanent is a creature, by receiving lethal damage.

Does Hexproof stop exile?

No, you can still target hexproof creatures you control. This means that you can legally cast Path to Exile on your own creatures if you really need that basic land.

Can a Hexproof creature be countered?

Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn. (They can’t be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.) This spell can’t be countered.

Can you sacrifice an indestructible permanent?

An indestructible permanent can be exiled, returned to a player’s hand, put into a graveyard for having 0 or less toughness (via anything that gives -X/-X for example), or sacrificed.

Does indestructible block Deathtouch?

Indestructible creatures also ignore deathtouch. Normally, a creature is destroyed if it takes damage from a creature with deathtouch. But since indestructible creatures can’t be destroyed, they’re immune.

Can you mutate onto Hexproof?

They can. Hexproof means “This permanent can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control” – and as it is the creature that gets Hexproof, then the “you” means the creature’s controller, not Authority’s controller.