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Is inSSIDer available for Android?

Is inSSIDer available for Android?

inSSIDer is not available for Android but there are some alternatives with similar functionality. The best Android alternative is Wifi Analyzer, which is free.

Is inSSIDer still free?

Whether you’re just starting out in WiFi, or if you support multiple enterprise networks, inSSIDer is your first step to seeing through the noise. This is the latest version of inSSIDer, it is free to use but you will be required to sign up an account (free) before you can use the application.

Who makes inSSIDer?

MetaGeek, LLC
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. inSSIDer is a Wi-Fi network scanner application for Microsoft Windows and OS X developed by MetaGeek, LLC.

Is inSSIDer safe?

This established Wi-Fi analyzer tool for Windows is very reliable. The InSSIDer tool is generally intended for enterprise and business use, rather than for home users.

Is InSSIDer safe?

What is InSSIDer used for?

inSSIDer Office is a WiFi optimization and troubleshooting tool. It scans for wireless networks with your WiFi adapter, so you can visualize their signal strengths, and what channels they are using. It also lists a lot of useful information about each network.

What is Max rate in InSSIDer?

This is a 802.11n device capable of two spatial streams and running a 20MHz wide channel in 2.4GHz with a short guard interval. At MCS 15 the data rate for this configuration is 144.4Mbps.

What is Max rate in inSSIDer?

How much does inSSIDer cost?

inSSIDer is an excellent Wi-Fi analyzer that can be installed on Windows and Mac machines, and there is a version for Android, as well. inSSIDer ($19.99) displays information about the wireless networks in your proximity, including access points’ MAC addresses, encryption type, signal strength, and channel.

How do you analyze Wi-Fi?

How do you analyze a WiFi signal? To analyze a WiFi signal, you need a computer with a WiFi card and a WiFi signal analyzer like NetSpot. You can then simply start the WiFi signal analyzer, wait for it to gather information about the signal, and see if you can spot anything unusual.