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Is it possible to fail a PhD Viva?

Is it possible to fail a PhD Viva?

2) Assessment for a PhD exam involves the submission of a thesis to two examiners, who read the thesis and then hold the viva exam to discuss the thesis with the student. The viva is therefore integral to the exam process and cannot be separated. Students can fail at this stage but, it is very rare.

How long does a PhD Viva last?

between one and four hours

How do you greet examiner in Viva?

Greet The Examiner Use these magical phrases during the viva exam – good morning, sir/ma’am, thank you, sir/ma’am and sorry sir/ma’am. Wish the examiner good morning after entering the exam hall. If you don’t know the answer say, ‘I don’t know,’ immediately.

How do you respond to Viva?

I want to pass this advice on, so here are my top tips for getting through, and maybe even enjoying your viva….10 Tips for Viva SuccessCalm Down and Breathe. Do Something Fun. Believe in Yourself. Go in with a Good Attitude. Dress for Viva Success. Read Your Thesis. Know the Rules.

How do I prepare for viva voce?

How to prepare for your viva: 8 useful tips Read your thesis. Don’t over prepare. Think about the potential questions. Talk to people who have passed their viva. Arrange a mock viva. Know your examiners. Relax. And finally… Enjoy it!

What is the idea that binds your thesis together?

The idea that binds my thesis together is the fact that those who have grown up using social media from a young age, like millennials, are affected differently by social media than those who have not.