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Is Jupiter a good trombone brand?

Is Jupiter a good trombone brand?

Solid construction and easy to play, Jupiter is easily the best trombone within the price range. The company that produces Jupiter are called Kung Hsue She (KHS) which means a company helping schools and culture, which is exactly what they do.

Who makes Jupiter trombones?

The entire Jupiter 500 series are made in China and the Jupiter 700 series are assembled in Taiwan.

What is the best brand of trombone?

19 Best Trombone Reviews and the Best Trombone Brands

  • Mendini MTB-L Tenor Slide Trombone.
  • Yamaha YSL-882O Trombone.
  • Bach 42BO Stradivarius Series.
  • Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate Slide Trombone.
  • Yamaha YBL-822G Trombone.
  • Yamaha YSL354 Trombone.
  • Bach TB711F Prelude Trombone.
  • D’Luca 750N 750 Series.

Is Jupiter a good brand?

While Jupiter saxophones are not as popular at the professional level as some other brands, Jupiter has developed a positive reputation for producing quality beginner and intermediate horns.

What is the standard trombone?

The main types of Trombones are the standard Tenor in Bb, Tenor Bb/f or Bass Trombone. Also available is the Alto Trombone (which is pitched higher than a Bb Trombone) and is a good way to introduce younger children to playing.

What is the best trombone mouthpiece for high notes?

The 5 Best Trombone Mouthpieces For High Notes

  • Blessing MPC65ALTRB Trombone Mouthpiece, 6.5AL.
  • Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL.
  • Yamaha YACSL48 Trombone Mouthpiece.
  • Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver.
  • Glory Professional Silver Plated Trombone Mouthpiece 12c.

How much does a Jupiter saxophone cost?

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Does Jupiter make good saxophones?

Jupiter saxophones are durable, affordable and sound great! If you’re looking for a reliable beginner or intermediate saxophone, Jupiter is worth a look.