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Is Juri in Street Fighter IV?

Is Juri in Street Fighter IV?

Juri (ジュリ), full name Han Ju-ri (한주리), is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series. She made her first appearance in 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV. She is the first practitioner of Taekwondo and the series’ first Korean character.

How did Juri lose her eye?

During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents and her left eye was gravely wounded. Ten years later, she undergoes an operation at the S.I.N. laboratory to have the Feng Shui Engine implanted into that eye. Juri and Chun-Li battle, ending with Juri unleashing her eye’s power and knocking out Chun-Li.

Is Juri a bad guy?

Seth on Juri. Juri Han, also simply known as Juri, is a character in the Street Fighter video game series, being a thrill-seeking SIN operative striving for revenge against M. Bison. Debuting in Super Street Fighter IV, she is the first Korean character and the first true villainess/anti-villainesses of the series.

How old is Juri?

Juri Han is a character in the Street Fighter series. She makes her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, where she is a main character in the storyline. She is 25 years old (as of Super Street Fighter IV) and is described as a somewhat mean and nasty member of S.I.N.

How strong is Juri?

Juri is pretty strong. She’s definitely on Vega’s level. She’s not as strong as Bison, though; he beat her ass in her own character story lol. In fairness, Bison is top six in power in the SF universe.

What style does Chun Li use?

Chinese martial arts

Occupation Interpol officer
Fighting style Chinese Kempo (中國拳法, Chūgoku Kenpō, “Chinese martial arts”)
Origin China Hong Kong (Street Fighter II V) United States (The Legend of Chun-Li)
Nationality Chinese Hong Kongese (Street Fighter II V) American (The Legend of Chun-Li)

Is urien stronger than Gill?

Overall, Urien has slightly lower attributes compared to Gill, thus making him more balanced for higher-level play; though his normal and command moves have the same high priority of his brother’s, they tend to do less damage all around.