Is Kookai made in Australia?

Is Kookai made in Australia?

Ethics Statement KOOKAÏ is a family-owned and run business, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Since our beginnings in 1992, we have continued a pursuit of an ethical and meaningful existence in the fashion world.

How ethical is Kookai?

KOOKAÏ’s environment rating is ‘not good enough’. It uses some eco-friendly materials including organic cotton. There is no evidence it reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. There is no evidence it has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals.

Who is the owner of Kookai?

Over 20 years ago, Rob Cromb and Danielle Vagner took a trip to Paris where they were inspired to take a risk on a concept for a women’s clothing line to fill a noticeable gap in the wardrobe of the Australian woman.

Is Kookai sustainable fashion?

This company has an ethical approach to fashion in its manufacturing processes, sourcing materials that are sustainable, providing a certified organic range and through their Katalyst Foundation making lasting changes to alleviate poverty by providing infrastructure and sustainable businesses in Fiji.

Where is Kookai clothes made?

The majority of the KOOKAÏ collection is produced out of our own manufacturing facilities in Fiji and Sri Lanka, as part of KOOKAÏ’s overall pursuit of an ethical and meaningful existence.

What Kookai means?

Kookai is a French fashion label founded in 1983 by Jean-Lou Tepper, Jacques Nataf and Philippe de Hesdin. It has a simple philosophy: “to supply young women with affordable apparel for their wardrobes”. It has stores in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Is Kookai a franchise?

In the past 25 years, Kookai has become a staple in Australian women’s wardrobes. Cromb and his then-wife Danielle Vagner launched Kookai in Australia in 1990 under a franchise agreement with the brand’s French founders.

Are Colours ethical?

Its labour rating is ‘good’. It is a member of the BSCI. It monitors health and safety issues with an internal procedure. It sources its final stage of production from countries with extreme risk of labour abuse.

What style is Kookai?

Parisian chic style
Originally founded in Paris in 1983, Kookai was created with the intent of offering fashionable, high quality pieces at accessible pricing. In 1992, the label was introduced in Australia, bringing with it true Parisian chic style.

Is Kookai a designer brand?

Kookai is a women’s fashion label founded in Paris, France in 1983 by Jean-Lou Tepper, Jacques Nataf and Philippe de Hesdin. It has a simple philosophy: “to supply women with fashion forward apparel for their wardrobes at accessible prices”.