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Is mannarkkad rural or urban?

Is mannarkkad rural or urban?

Mannarkad is a Taluk located in Palakkad district of Kerala. It is one of 5 Taluks of Palakkad district. There are 24 villages and 1 towns in Mannarkad Taluk….Mannarkad Urban & Rural Population.

Description Urban Rural
Number of households 7371 75867
Total Population 34839 349554
Population (%) 47.81% 51.46%

How many Municipality are there in Palakkad district?

seven municipalities
Palakkad district have total number of seven municipalities. The largest city in the district is the Palakkad municipality. The municipalities in the district are Palakkad city, Ottapalam, Shornur, Chittur-Tattamangalam, Pattambi, Cherpulassery and Mannarkkad.

How ottapalam got its name?

The British formed the Malabar District and built their headquarters at Kozhikode. The headquarters of North Malabar was at Thalassery and that of South Malabar was at Cherpulassery. The headquarters of South Malabar was later changed to Ottapalam. Thus the name Ottappalam became familiar.

Is Palakkad and Palghat same?

Palakkad, formerly Palghat, city, central Kerala state, southwestern India. The city lies on the Ponnani River in the Palghat Gap, a break in the Western Ghats range.

What district is perinthalmanna in?

Malappuram District
Perinthalmanna – the largest city in Malappuram District – is one of the fastest growing city in Malabar Region with a growth rate in par with the higher tier cities.

What is the Pincode of mannarkkad?

Mannarkkad/Zip codes

Who ruled Valluvanad?

It was ruled by Nedungadis. Later it came under the Zamorin’s kingdom. It consisted of the following 27 Amsoms: Elambulassery.

What is the old name of Kannur?

The old name, Cannanore, is the anglicized form of the Malayalam name “Kannur”.

Which is the biggest pass in Kerala?

Palakkad Gap

Palakkad Gap
Panorama view of Palakkad from Tamilnadu side
Elevation 140 metres (460 ft)
Location Tamil Nadu – Kerala , India
Range Western Ghats

Which is the highest pass in Kerala?

Anai Peak, Hindi Anai Mudi, peak in eastern Kerala state, southwestern India. Located in the Western Ghats range, it rises to 8,842 feet (2,695 metres) and is peninsular India’s highest peak.