Is MDI better than IIFT?

Is MDI better than IIFT?

MDI Gurgaon enjoys an advantage over here, with almost 75% higher number of faculty. Similar fee approximately at both the institutes and hence not much to select on the basis of the fee. But if you are taking admit to IM Course of MDI Gurgaon, then there is a disadvantage as compared to IIFT.

Which is better IIm udaipur or MDI Gurgaon?

It also has a stronger academic team and its reputation had been built by them for years in the industry. Although IIM Udaipur is new, it is an exceptionally good college and it has alumni at most of the middle management positions in the industry….What should I choose between MDI Gurgaon and IIM Udaipur?

Highest Package 27.5 lakhs 40.79 lakhs

Does MDI form reopen?

most private institutes like IMT, IMI, MDI, GIM and TAPMI reopen registration form just a couple of days after the CAT results for a week or so.

Is Iift better than IIM?

* The average CTC data for IIFT, IIM Udaipur and IIM Raipur is for the Class of 2019 rest is for class 2020. In terms of RoI, IIFT Delhi seems to be a better option based on the comparison between the median CTC and the latest program fee.

Which is better IIM or SP Jain?

IIM Udaipur’s PGPM is ranked at #5 from India, and ranked #72 globally. Only five B-schools from India are ranked on this prestigious league table. QS Global Ranking has ranked SPJIMR in Top 200 B-schools globally, and amongst Top 5 B-schools in India. SPJIMR has been ranked #5 in Rankings 2019-20.

Is MDI better than IIM Indore?

Hence, on average, a company rolled out more offers at MDI Gurgaon as compared to IIM Indore….Final Placements.

Parameter MDI Gurgaon IIM Indore
Highest CTC INR 40.79 LPA INR 40.5 LPA
Average CTC INR 20.13 LPA INR 20.79 LPA
Median CTC INR 19.82 LPA INR 19.4 LPA
Number of companies 106 200

Does MDI accept cat?

CAT 2020 exam scores will be accepted by MDI Gurgaon to shortlist candidates for second phase of admission round 2021. The B-school although considers good sectional scores, overall CAT 2020 percentile will be the principal shortlisting criterion for GD/PI round of MDI Gurgaon.

What is the cutoff for SP Jain?

SP Jain Mumbai CAT Cutoff 2018

Course Category Cutoff Percentile 2018
PGPFMB General 85%.
PGPDM General 85%
PGDM General 85%
WMP General 85%

Is Xlri better than IIM?

xlri is definitely better as an institute… placements or otherwise… but if u r insistent on getting an iim tag, then go for iimk…now where xlri stands… xlri is in the top 5 in every rankings… only iim abc is considered better…

What is SP Jain famous for?

SP Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school that provides modern, relevant and practical global business education. With campuses in the dynamic business hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, SP Jain is renowned for offering multi-city undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Does SP Jain accept CAT score?

SPJIMR will accept CAT 2020 and GMAT (Taken between Jan 01, 2018 and Dec 31, 2020) exam score. SPJIMR will not accept XAT 2021 exam score for admission 2021.