Is Mercedes 9G-TRONIC good?

Is Mercedes 9G-TRONIC good?

One of the most impressive offerings from Mercedes-Benz is its 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. With the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, drivers will experience a smoother and more efficient drive. It’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is offering an innovation that will improve performance, comfort, and efficiency.

Is 9G-TRONIC dual clutch?

In the 9G-TRONIC, the individual gears are engaged by three multi-disc clutches and three multi-disc brakes. The purpose of the multi-disc clutches is to transfer the drive torque between two components as a friction connection. The ratio configuration of gears one to nine allows the wide ratio spread of 9.15.

Who Makes 9 speed transmission?

Daimler AG
Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic transmission

Manufacturer Daimler AG
Production 2013–present
Body and chassis

What is AMG Speedshift TCT 9G?

The inline 6-cylinder engines are coupled with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G (TCT = Torque-Clutch Transmission) transmission. On the one hand, this guarantees maximum comfort during pulling away and shifting, while on the other, it allows for AMG-typical rapid and emotive shifting to suit the selected drive program.

What is the difference between 7G Tronic and 7G Tronic Plus?

The 7G Tronic Plus is the successor of the 7G Tronic transmission. It is supposed to help improve the fuel economy and provide smoother shifting. It provides zero slip at the torque converter lock-up clutch. The 7G Tronic Plus is able to work with Mercedes-Benz models equipped with the start-stop engines.

What means 7G Tronic?

7G-Tronic is Mercedes-Benz’s trademark name for its seven-speed automatic transmission, starting off with the W7A 700 and W7A 400 (Wandler-7-Gang-Automatik bis 700 oder 400 Nm Eingangsdrehmoment; converter-7-gear-automatic with 516 or 295 ft·lb maximum input torque; type 722.9) as core models.

Is 7G Tronic dual clutch?

The MCT transmission is essentially the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission without a torque converter. Instead of a torque converter, it uses a compact wet startup clutch to launch the car from a stop and also supports computer-controlled double-clutching.

What means 7G-Tronic?

Is Mercedes 7G-Tronic reliable?

Re: 7G-Tronic 7 speed automatic transmission’s long-term reliability (G550) As with many complex systems, the early versions had more than their share of problems. This was true of the 5 speed and also the 7 speed. That being said, there aren’t a lot of 7 speed gearboxes with a huge number of miles on then yet.

Is the 7G-Tronic transmission reliable?

This 7G-Tronic (722.9) control module is a common failure for the following 7 speed vehicles: C-Class – C200, C220, C230, C250, C280, C320, C350, C63 AMG.

What is the name of the Mercedes Benz 9G tronic transmission?

9G-Tronic (codename 725.0) is Mercedes-Benz’s trademark name for its nine-speed automatic transmission.

What’s the difference between Mercedes Benz 7G and 9 speed?

Changed from a 2012 W212 E350 with 7g to 2015 W212 E350 with 9 spd. Noticed no difference tbh. Slightly different engine as well though as now Blutec. Changed from a 2012 W212 E350 with 7g to 2015 W212 E350 with 9 spd.

Why is the Mercedes E 350 BlueTEC 9G Tronic?

While an overall reduction in engine speed improves NVH comfort and also cuts down external noise by up to 4 dB (A), the reduced fuel consumption of the E 350 BlueTEC with 9G-TRONIC has primarily been achieved as a result of the high efficiency level of the transmission, Mercedes says.

What kind of transmission does Mercedes Benz have?

Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic transmission 9G-Tronic is Mercedes-Benz ‘s trademark name for its nine-speed automatic transmission , starting off with the W9A 700 ( W andler- 9 -Gang- A utomatik bis 700 Nm Eingangsdrehmoment; converter-9-gear-automatic with 516 lb-ft maximum input torque; type 725.0 ) as core model.