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Is molave a good wood?

Is molave a good wood?

One of the hardest local woods, Molave has a fine texture that makes it smooth to the touch. It is ideal for window frames, shipbuilding, structural posts, railroad tracks, and other outdoor applications.

What are the characteristics of a Molave tree?

It is a tree that grows irregularly, short, crooked, and has a fluted bole with thick, low, medium, to moderately large buttresses. It is intolerant to shade and a light-loving species with a spreading crown. It partially or entirely sheds its leaves during the latter part of the dry season.

How can you tell molave wood?

One of the hardest local woods, molave has a fine texture that makes it smooth to the touch. It’s available in pale yellow to pinkish-brownish tone with a lighter sapwood (outer region), and mostly straight grain. It has no distinct odor. This very popular tropical wood has tones that range from yellow to red.

What is the strongest tree wood in the Philippines?

Xanthostemon verdugonianus
Xanthostemon verdugonianus is known to be the hardest Philippine hardwood species.

What is the most expensive tree in the Philippines?

There is a gold rush happening in the jungles of the Philippines. The treasure is one of the rarest trees in the world: lapnisan or agarwood. It is also the world’s most expensive tree. A kilo of agarwood fetches as much as P750,000.

What is the meaning of molave?

1 : a large Philippine timber tree (Vitex littoralis) 2 : the valuable durable heavy hard yellow wood of the molave tree.

What is the most expensive wood in Philippines?

What are the top 5 hardest woods?

Top 10 Hardest Woods in The World

  • Schinopsis balansae – 4,570 IBF.
  • Lignum vitae – 4,500 IBF.
  • Piptadenia Macrocarpa – 3,840 IBF.
  • Snakewood – 3,800 IBF.
  • Brazilian Olivewood – 3,700 IBF.
  • Brazilian Ebony – 3,692 IBF.
  • Brazilian Walnut – 3,684 IBF.
  • African Pearwood – 3,680 IBF.

What is the weakest type of wood?

It’s common knowledge, but Balsa is indeed the softest and lightest of all commercial woods.

What’s the rarest wood?

Lignum Vitae Considered as one of the rarest wood on earth, lignum vitae have exclusive features that you can’t expect before. The most distinctive part is nothing else but its high oil content.