Is Mount Cotton a good suburb?

Is Mount Cotton a good suburb?

Mount Cotton has the best of both worlds, only 35mins to the city, easy access to the highway and the peace and quiet you would find in the country. We bought here recently and love it for the fresh air, no traffic noise.

How did Mount Cotton get its name?

Mount Cotton, a partly developed outer suburb, is 27 km south-east of Brisbane. It was named by government surveyor Dickson in 1840 after Major Sydney Cotton, recently the commandant of Moreton Bay.

What is the postcode for Mount Cotton?

Mount Cotton/Postal codes

What council is Mt Cotton in?

Redland City Council
Mount Cotton | Redland City Council.

Is Redland Bay a good place to live?

Redland Bay is a totally wonderful place with so much going for it. My OPINION is that Redland Bay will surpass the other Bayside suburbs by a good margin in the not too distant future and if I’m wrong, the residents there will be just as happy.

Is Mount Cotton part of Greater Brisbane?

Mount Cotton is a locality in the City of Redland, Queensland, Australia. The area was settled by Germans in the late 1860s….Mount Cotton, Queensland.

Mount Cotton Redland City, Queensland
• Density 141.80/km2 (367.3/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 4165
Area 48.2 km2 (18.6 sq mi)
Location 13 km (8 mi) SW of Cleveland 34 km (21 mi) SE of Brisbane

How tall is Mount Cotton?

Mount Cotton varies in altitude / elevation / height above sea level from about 18 m (highlight point) to 230 m (highlight point) above sea level.

What is Redland Bay postcode?

Redland Bay/Postal codes
285.46/km2 (739.3/sq mi) Postcode(s) 4165. Area. 52.4 km2 (20.2 sq mi)

What is capalaba postcode?

Capalaba/Postal codes

Can you swim in Redland Bay?

Swimming enclosures in the Redlands Coast are enclosed areas in our bay waters where you can enjoy safer swimming, recreation and play. Enclosures are found on the mainland and on the bay islands.

Is Victoria Point QLD a good place to live?

Victoria point is a really nice place but is a long way from anywhere else and has plenty of teenagers who would like to go there. We could really use some public transport. It’s quiet, cheap and great value if you are prepared to wait for capital gains.