Is Natsu stronger than Juvia?

Is Natsu stronger than Juvia?

1 Natsu Dragneel Fire may be weak to water, but still, Natsu Dragneel’s abilities definitely surpass what Juvia has to offer. He is the Fire Dragon slayer and arguably the most powerful dragon slayer of all.

Will Juvia defeat meredy?

Outcome: Juvia Lockser is victorious.

Can Natsu beat Juvia?

Natsu is also faster than Juvia, as he was able to fight and defeat Gajeel. Juvia might win if she catches him off guard and can keep up Water Lock for long enough. Round 2: Natsu wins more easily.

Is Wendy stronger than Juvia?

Juvia is stronger because she can make her body a water. So Kagura’s sword won’t affect her body. And she can make her stronger using her emotion. Even Wendy is stronger.

Who is the weakest in fairy tail?

Here are ten of the weakest Fairy Tail characters who still have room for improvement.

  • 3 Macao.
  • 4 Toby.
  • 5 Hibiki.
  • 6 Levy & Shadow Gear.
  • 7 Happy.
  • 8 Ichiya.
  • 9 Cana.
  • 10 Sherria. Sherria of Lamia Scale was certainly a powerful mage at one point in time before things went south.

Who’s stronger mirajane or Erza?

Raw Strength: Erza, although extremely hard to judge. Erza has destroyed a meteor with basically no magic whatsoever. If we can count that as a feat, she is clearly stronger than anything Mirajane has done before.

Who is stronger Juvia or Erza?

With her incredible strength, endurance, swordsmanship, and spatial magic, Erza is tough to beat, and her many suits of armor mean she can adjust rapidly to any foe’s powers or strategy. That, combined with her earth-shuddering strength, means she is a much more formidable fighter than Juvia is.

Who is the strongest female in fairy tale?

Find out by reading below!

  1. 1 Erza. It’s true, Erza isn’t stronger than her mom Irene.
  2. 2 Irene. Irene isn’t just any fighter in the world of Fairy Tail, since she’s actually the original Dragon Slayer.
  3. 3 Mirajane.
  4. 4 Lucy.
  5. 5 Minerva.
  6. 6 Kagura.
  7. 7 Brandish.
  8. 8 Ultear.

Is Lucy stronger than juvia?

A lot closer but Juvia still wins. She’s faster and stronger than any of Lucy’s spirits, and while Lucy is versatile most of that versatility is useless against Juvia’s water body.

Why is Erza hated?

Agreed, I think the main reason a lot of people hate her is because she’s a Mary Sue. She’s strong-willled, beautiful, physically and magically powerful and rarely feels any fear. Then, even when she’s struggling in battle, she wins because of some contrived plot points or because of muh willpower/nakama.