Is Octopus Deploy good?

Is Octopus Deploy good?

Octopus Deploy is a best-in-class platform for release management, deployment automation, and operations runbook automation. Octopus Deploy is an independent software vendor. It was founded in 2011 and is bootstrapped, conservatively managed, and profitable.

Is Octopus a DevOps tool?

Octopus is a toolset that can drastically streamline any DevOps process for Continuous Testing and deployment of numerous microservices or applications via cloud or virtual machines.

What is octopus deployment used for?

Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment and release management server. It is designed to simplify deployment of ASP.NET applications Windows Services and databases.

Who deploys Octopus?

Octopus Deploy, a Brisbane, Australia-based company developing a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced that it closed a $172.5 million round.

How popular is octopus deploy?

A bit over 25,000 companies use Octopus Deploy today. Many of them use Octopus for free – either our free Server or Cloud edition. About 10,000 of them are paying customers. No single customer accounts for more than 1% of our revenue.

What is octopus deploy tentacle?

When you deploy software to Windows servers, you need to install Tentacle, a lightweight agent service, on your Windows servers so they can communicate with the Octopus Server. When installed, Tentacles: Report the progress and results back to the Octopus Server.

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Is Octopus deploy free?

Trials & free licenses Octopus Server edition is completely free and allows you to deploy software to up to 10 deployment targets. You are welcome to use the free tier for any scenario, including production, commercial use.

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What is octopus cloud?

Octopus Cloud View is an intelligent SPLA reporting solution that takes the pain out of SPLA management and optimises revenue through fast, intelligent reporting.