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Is Otakon a nonprofit?

Is Otakon a nonprofit?

Otakorp, Inc. is the not-for-profit organization best known for running Otakon, one of the world’s premiere gatherings of fandom. It’s an educational non-profit that promotes understanding and appreciation of Asian culture, by means of celebrating its popular culture.

How old do you have to be to go to Otakon?

18 years old
Members who wish to attend these events must be at least 18 years old and MUST obtain a wristband from the wristband booth prior to the event. Please have your identification ready when obtaining your wristband.

How long is Otakon?

Otakorp, Inc. Otakon (/ˈoʊtəkɒn/ OH-tə-kon) is an annual three-day anime convention held during July/August.

Are Otakon tickets refundable?

are eligible to attend Otakon. This means that you will not receive a refund if you are unable to attend Otakon. Refunds will only be issued in cases of accidental overpayment. To attend Otakon, you first pay the membership fee and register for Otakon to let us know you will be attending.

Is otakon coming back to Baltimore?

Otakon is one of the largest annual conventions Baltimore hosts. By 2017, the convention will move to the Walter E. A return to Baltimore was not ruled out, but organizers said a return would have to wait until upgrades to the Baltimore Convention Center are complete.

What time does otakon end?

Operational Hours:

Day Open Close
Thursday 3 PM 10 PM
Friday 8 AM 10 PM
Saturday 9 AM 10 PM
Sunday 9 AM 2 PM

Where is otakon located?

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
2019 Otakon/Location

Will Otakon 2021 happen?

would like to announce that Otakon 2021 will take place as scheduled from August 6-8 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Otakon is the first major convention event being held as D.C. reopens. Otakon will be confirming guests in the coming weeks and will announce them as they are finalized.

Will there be Otakon 2021?

July 29th – 31st 2022. Otakon 2021 was a success we never could have imagined, coming at a time that none of us dreamed we’d ever see. Enjoy these amazing highlights, made possible by the Otakorp Visual Production team.

Is Anime Matsuri Cancelled?

The convention in 2015 remained at the George R. Brown Convention Center and used the first and most of the second floors. Anime Matsuri 2020 was moved from July to August due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was later canceled after Houston announced the city would be holding no more events in 2020.

Why is Anime Matsuri bad?

Controversies. The owners of Anime Matsuri have a history of not paying guests like Japanese artist Miyavi in 2009. After Anime Matsuri 2015, John Leigh, the conventions event manager was accused of sexual harassment by several members of the Lolita fashion community.

How much does Anime Matsuri Cost?

The massive, four-day event promotes Japanese culture through its variety of panels, workshops, fashion shows, concerts, and contests. Admission Tickets start at $40.

When does the Otakon convention start and end?

Welcome to Otakon! Founded in 1994, Otakon is an annual convention held in the summer months to celebrate Asian pop culture (anime, manga, music, movies, video games, etc) and its fandom. The event runs from Friday to Sunday and is packed with a schedule that has tons to do.

When does the next Otakon anime come out?

See you all again soon, and remember to save the dates for July 26-28, 2019! Otakon® is an annual celebration of Asian pop culture (anime, manga, music, movies, video games, etc.) and its fandom!

Where does Otakon take place in the US?

Otakon is held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in our nation’s capital of Washington, DC. Follow Otakon on Facebook, Twitter, and more for all sorts of updates and news about the upcoming year.

When do I need to register for Otakon?

Membership Registration is now open for Otakon 2021! Head over to the registration section and lock in the 2020 rate today. Register Now! Demons and Curses Oh-My! Otakon will sure to be free from demons and curses, with our amazing guest lineup featuring VAs from Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen!