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Is Physicians Formula healthy foundation being discontinued?

Is Physicians Formula healthy foundation being discontinued?

I was SO disappointed, to say the least, to find this foundation is now being discontinued 🙁 The skin care ingredients in it are beautiful and it is truly the greatest foundation I have ever used.

Has Physicians Formula been discontinued?

We are sorry that your Physicians Formula product was discontinued. Unfortunately, we do not have any discontinued product in inventory to sell. For more information on expiration dates, it’s best to have the product on hand and contact our Customer Care at 800-227-0333.

Is Physicians Formula clean beauty?

Welcome to Physicians Formula, where health & wellness is not a trend; it’s a lifestyle. We strive to make cruelty-free clean beauty accessible to all by creating natural, organic makeup products that won’t break the bank. From radiant bronzers to luxurious mineral powders, sensitive skin is at home here.

What company owns Physicians Formula?

Markwins Beauty Brands, Inc.
Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc./Parent organizations
(Reuters) – Cosmetics company Physicians Formula Holdings Inc FACE. O said it will be bought by privately held peer Markwins International Corp for about $75 million in cash.

Is Physicians Formula good for acne prone skin?

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush; $10 With over 2500 Amazon reviews, this fan-favorite blush palette from Physicians Formula has become a staple for those with acne-prone skin, thanks to its non-comedogenic and oil-free formula. The pigments themselves are easily blendable and offer a satin feel and dewy finish.

Are all Physicians Formula products organic?

With Physicians Formula’s Organic Wear®, we use natural, organic, earth-friendly ingredients that are never tested on animals. Our formulas are made with minimal ingredients, but tested for maximum performance. You care – and we care that you care.

Does Physicians Formula contain titanium dioxide?

Physicians Formula foundation uses mineral colorants. The main reason is that they have no contaminants typical of crude petroleum, such as carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting PAHs. The good news is that Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation uses mineral pigments, namely, iron oxides and titanium dioxide.

Is Physicians Formula makeup made in China?

Where is Physicians Formula Made? Physicians Formula makes their products in China and the US. They are a US based brand owned by Markwin Beauty who also owns the drugstore brand, Wet n Wild.

Is Physicians Formula Made in the USA?

Physicians Formula product sold in China are domestically produced—they are not the same product sold in North America, have no special use ingredients, and we are currently working with Leaping Bunny and their certification program.