Is samsung S3 mini a good phone?

Is samsung S3 mini a good phone?

The good The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini delivers Android 4.2, 4G LTE, NFC, and a solid 5-megapixel camera for just $1 on contract. The bottom line First-time smartphone buyers get a lot for a little with Samsung’s year-old Galaxy S3 Mini, but keep in mind that this is no high-end performer.

How old is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (stylized as Samsung GALAXY S III mini, model number: GT-I8190) is a touchscreen-based, slate-sized smartphone designed and manufactured by Samsung. It was announced in October 2012 and released in November 2012.

Is Samsung S3 Mini waterproof?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini waterproof? No, the Galaxy S3 mini resolution of (800×480) is not defined as 4K.

What SIM card does a Galaxy S3 Mini take?

micro SIM
The Galaxy S3 uses a micro SIM replacing the standard SIM. The micro SIM is generally smaller than the standard one. Top: Shows how the micro SIM looks like.

Is Samsung S3 Mini 4G?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini could be described as lacking in the connectivity department, as there is no 4G availability, but at least a new version of the phone, which is now available and doesn’t cost any more, contains NFC. Although 4G isn’t on offer, Samsung has provided full 3G support, right up to HSPA 14.4.

What Android version is Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

Android 4.1

Platform OS Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Chipset NovaThor U8420
CPU 1.0 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9
GPU Mali-400

Where does SIM card go in Galaxy S3?

The SIM card is located above the battery and is held in place by an aluminum door or clip. To remove the card, just pull out the SIM card if you can, or press down on the card and slide it out. If you have a Galaxy S3, your device uses a smaller SIM card, a Micro SIM.

Does Samsung S3 support 4G?

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) 4G LTE – 8MP, 4.8“, 1.4GHz, 720 x 1280 (HD) | Samsung IE.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini a phablet?

The Samsung Galaxy range has hit every price point, from the super-budget Galaxy Y to the highest end phablet Galaxy Note 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini here falls somewhere in the middle.

How big is the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini?

It even comes in the same Pebble blue and Marble white variants that the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched with. Measuring 122.55 x 63 x 9.9mm (4.82 x 2.48 x 0.39 inches), the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is by no means the largest phone, and it sits very comfortably in the hand.

What kind of operating system does the Galaxy S3 mini have?

Elsewhere, Samsung has provided the Galaxy S3 Mini with the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system, as well as a 5MP rear camera with flash, and a VGA front camera. As we mentioned, the Galaxy S3 Mini sits very well in the hand, its smaller size meaning that it is a lot more comfortable to hold than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 a good phone?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular selling smartphone in Q3 2012, following in the footsteps of its older brother, the now 18 month-old Samsung Galaxy S2. One of the secrets of Samsung’s success has to be the quality of its devices, but another is that it has targeted every corner of the market.