Is Sandro Paris a good brand?

Is Sandro Paris a good brand?

If you go with any other high end designer brand you will not get that price tag, everything will be times more expansive. So, I really think that Sandro nailed its niche, you get trendy elegant designs with high quality tailoring for less money, its definitely good value for what you pay.

Who owns Sandro Paris?

Evelyne Chétrite is the founder and artistic director of Sandro. Her younger sister, Judith Milgrom, is the founder and chief designer of also the French modemarke Maje. In shop-in-shop department stores one finds Sandro and Maje always side by side.

Where is Sandro Paris made?

Sandro specializes in ready-to-wear clothing and Paris culture-inspired styles for men. Their clothes are primarily manufactured in China and India.

Is Sandro Paris Ethical?

In this way, we are committed to bringing our customers collections of high quality and ethically designed products that are ever more responsible, from the sourcing of the material to the manufacture of the garment, and worthy of the trust our customers have placed in us for many years.

Is Maje an ethical brand?

Yes, Maje does support ethical practices.

Is Maje Paris sustainable?

In the heart of Paris, in the heart of Maje The design as well as the management of the renovation of the historical building in which we set up shop are all part of a sustainable development approach and effort to offer our employees improved comfort.

What is a French size 40 in clothes?

Say, if your US shirt size is 34, simply multiply it by 2.54 and you’ll get 86.36 which when rounded off is a size 87 which is your French size equivalent….French Shirt Size Chart.

US Size (SML) US Size (Numeric) French Size
Medium 36 91
Large 40 102
XL 42 107
XXL 46 117

What size is 40 in Sandro?


37 38 4
38 39 5
39 40 6
40 41 7