Is second motion for reconsideration allowed?

Is second motion for reconsideration allowed?

The Rules are explicit that a second motion for reconsideration shall not be allowed. Section 2, Rule 52 of the Rules provides that: Section 2. Second motion for reconsideration.

What is second motion for reconsideration?

In a line of cases, the Court has then entertained and granted second motions for reconsideration “in the higher interest of substantial justice,” as allowed under the Internal Rules when the assailed decision is “legally erroneous,” “patently unjust” and “potentially capable of causing unwarranted and irremediable …

On what grounds may a motion for reconsideration be filed?

Grounds of and period for filing motion for reconsideration. Within the period for taking an appeal, the aggrieved party may move for reconsideration upon the grounds that the evidence is insufficient to justify the decision or final order, or that the decision or final order is contrary to law.

How many times can you file a motion for reconsideration?

No more than one motion for reconsideration by each party shall be entertained. Section 2. Opposition. – Any party to the proceeding may object to a motion for reconsideration filed under Section 1 by filing an opposition thereto within ten (10) days from receipt thereof.

What do you mean by motion for reconsideration?

A motion for reconsideration is a legal request that allows you to ask the judge to reconsider his/her ruling. new evidence is available that you were not able to present before the judge made a decision.

What is new trial or reconsideration?

– At any time before a judgment of conviction becomes final, the court may, on motion of the accused or at its own instance but with the consent of the accused, grant a new trial or reconsideration.

What is the difference between an appeal and a reconsideration?

Once you get a decision, what you need to do after the decision. The two avenues we’ve seen are to appeal it, or to ask for a reconsideration. If you’re asking for a reconsideration, you’re not appealing. It’s sort of a new claim, a reopened claim, whatever you want to call it.

What are the grounds for reconsideration?

Grounds for reconsideration Grounds for review include: an application that clearly demonstrates an error was made by the department on the initial decision, or. an application that clearly demonstrates new information that was not considered by the department when the initial decision was made, or both.

Why you should not file a motion for reconsideration?

They don’t work; they annoy and alienate the court; and they put the moving party at risk of sanctions, opposing party attorney fees, and contempt penalties. In more than 35 years of active litigation practice in California state and federal courts, I have never once brought a motion for reconsideration.

How do you win a motion for reconsideration?

You just need to convince the court that new developments, accurate law or a correct view of the facts justify a new ruling. If you think your case has solid grounds that support a Motion for Reconsideration, go ahead – it may help you win the war.

What happens at a motion for reconsideration?

What happens at a reconsideration hearing?

If you are denied at the reconsideration, you can ask the SSA for a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ). At the hearing, the ALJ will question you and any witnesses you bring and give you or your representative the chance to question your witnesses. You will receive the ALJ’s decision in writing.

Can a second motion for reconsideration be entertained?

A second motion for reconsideration can only be entertained before the ruling sought to be reconsidered becomes final by operation of law or by the Court’s declaration.

What happens if a motion to reconsider is lost?

If the motion to reconsider passes, the original (reconsidered) motion is brought back before the assembly to be voted on again. If the motion to reconsider is lost, it is the only vote taken and business proceeds to the next item on the agenda.

Can a Member of Parliament call up a motion to reconsider?

The “calling up” of a motion to reconsider can be done by any member and does not need a second since that already took place when the motion was originally made. This is useful since it may be necessary to let members know there is a desire to reconsider a decision even if it can’t be taken up at that moment.

When to file second motion for reconsideration and rehashed pro forma?

Hence, the filing of the motion suspended the running of the 30-day period to file the petition in this case, which, as earlier shown, was done within the reglementary period provided by law. COQUILLA vs. COMELEC, GR 151914 EN BANC, July 31, 2002.