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Is Seo In-guk in Goblin?

Is Seo In-guk in Goblin?

Spoiler Alert! Seo In Guk plays ‘Myul Mang’ or ‘Doom. ‘ He’s the personification of the End or Destruction. He was brought into existence by God, who in turn was born of human will.

Where is Seo In-guk mole?

Seo In-guk is blessed with unique and attractive facial features. On top of his dimples, he also has a mole right under his left eye. When asked to choose between his mole and dimples, In-guk said that he thinks his dimples are more charming.

How do you say Seo In-guk in Korean?


  • Name: Seo In-Guk.
  • Hangul: 서인국
  • Born: October 23, 1987.
  • Birthplace: Ulsan, South Korea.
  • Height: 180cm.
  • Blood Type: B.
  • Facebook: sigstyle1023.
  • Instagram: seo_cccc.

Is Seo In-guk Idol?

Seo In-guk. From being an adorably chubby contestant on Superstar K and its first winner, to becoming an idol and actor of the hit drama, Answer Me 1997, Seo In-guk’s star is steadily rising.

Is Seo In-guk a good kisser?

Seo In-guk has always been known for being a good kisser. He has been giving us kiss scenes of the highest quality since Reply 1997, where he played Yoon Yoon-jae. His love interest in the drama is Sung Si-won, who was played by Jung Eun-ji. In-guk and Eun-ji displayed amazing chemistry on screen.

Is Seo In-guk sick?

His agency released the results of his medical re-examination, revealing Seo was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans, a bone and cartilage condition.

Does SEO Guk have tattoos?

Seo In Guk’s tatto is becoming a hot issue. On 7th, Seo In Guk uploaded a photo on his me2day, and wrote “I did a tattoo! The photo shows Seo In Guk showing off a tattoo on his arm, and the tattoo is becoming a hot issue among the fans. …

Is Seo In Guk sick?

Is Seo In-guk handsome?

The film’s director Yoo Ha, has earlier talked about why he chose to cast Seo In Guk. He had said, “Seo In Guk isn’t conventionally attractive but he sure is attractive. I think the director thought highly of this strange visual of mine. He also said that my eyes and aura attract people.

How old is Seo In Guk?

33 years (October 23, 1987)
Seo In-guk/Age

Why is Seo In-guk popular?

Seo In Guk is a popular South Korean actor and singer. He made his mark in the industry after winning the reality show ‘Superstar K’ in 2009. Later he made his acting debut in 2012 with ‘Reply 1997’ and went on to be a part of several hit K-Dramas.

When did Jung Eun ji and Seo In guk get together?

As it’s known, finally Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji soared their name as a couple in Reply 1997. Shin Won-ho as the producer revealed that it was very difficult to attract famous actors to portray Yoon Yoon-jae and Sung Shi-won for the drama Reply 1997.

When did Jeong Eun Ji change her name?

Jeong Eun-ji was born as Jeong Hye-rim in Haeundae, Busan on August 18, 1993. Her name was legally changed to Jeong Eun-ji when she was in middle school.

What’s the name of Jung Eun Ji’s brother?

Jung Eun-ji was born as Jung Hye-rim in Haeundae, Busan on August 18, 1993. She has a younger brother named Jung Min-ki.

Who is Seo In-guk in the movie?

Seo In-guk played the role of Yoon Yoon-jae, who is Sung Shi-won’s childhood friend. Because his parents had died, he was very close to Sung Shi-won’s parents who were also his parents’ friends. He has an older brother named Yoon Tae-woong (played by actor Song Jong-ho) who has proposed to his sister Sung Shi-won.