Is Sonata Software is MNC?

Is Sonata Software is MNC?

It is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Founded in 1986 as the IT division of Indian Organic Chemicals, the company spun off as an independent entity in 1994. The company became a public company in 1998….Sonata Software.

Type Public BSE: 532221NSE: SONATSOFTW
Number of employees ~4,200

Who is owner of Sonata Software Company?


Jagannathan Chakravarthi Chief Financial Officer
Mangal Kulkarni Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
P Srikar Reddy Managing Director & CEO
Pradip P Shah Chairman

What does Sonata software do?

Sonata’s services range from IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management, Packaged Applications to Travel Solutions.

Who is the CEO of Sonata Software?

P. Srikar Reddy
Srikar Reddy. Srikar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors of Sonata Software Limited.

Is Sonata a Titan brand?

Sonata, a watch brand from Titan Company Limited, on Thursday launched its new sub-brand ‘Epic by Sonata’, a value-fashion range of watches, in partnership with Flipkart. Through this partnership, Sonata would have access to 350 million customers of Flipkart across the country, the company said in a release.

Who are the clients of Sonata Software?

Sonata Software is a SEI CMM Level 5 company with a global onsite-offshore delivery model that provides solutions to its clients. It follows a 360° partnership delivery model for the development of software and services. Its key alliance partners include global players such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

When was Sonata founded?

Sonata Software/Founded

Who is the promoter of Sonata Software?

The Shareholding Pattern page of Sonata Software Ltd. presents the Promoter’s holding, FII’s holding, DII’s Holding, and Share holding by general public etc….PREMARKET.

Shareholding Pattern – Sonata Software Ltd.
Holder’s Name No of Shares % Share Holding
NoOfShares 105159306 100%
Promoters 29623450 28.17%

Is Sonata a good brand?

Sonata is a very good quality brand from last over year. Excellent collection in reasonable price range, collection for all age group sonata created india’s selling watch brand I gifted sonata watch to my sister and she really very happy with this product.

Who is CEO of Titan?

C K Venkataraman
Titan Company/CEO

Is Sonata and Titan same?

Who is promoter of Sonata Software?