Is sub 20 a good 5K time?

Is sub 20 a good 5K time?

Anything under 30 minutes is a good 5K finish time for most recreational runners. Fewer runners will ever be able to run a 5K under 20 minutes without some serious training and, of course, good genes. This is especially true for recreational runners.

How hard is it to run a sub 20 minute 5K?

Considering that the target race pace to run a 5k in 20 minutes is 4 minutes/km, you´ll need to be able to sustain this pace over the whole 5k distance. This is where interval training at speeds quicker than your target race pace will come into play and assist you.

What pace is a sub 20 5K?

7 minute per mile
Tempo run / threshold training Tempo runs, also known as lactate-threshold runs, are run at a pace about 25-30 seconds per mile slower than your 5K race pace. So for a sub-20 minute 5k, 7 minute per mile pace.

Is it possible to run a sub 20 minute 5K?

I’ve seen this dude run a freaking 5 minute mile AFTER a two mile warm-up run, 4×400 sprints, 4×800 sprints, then he did a fast sprint mile. Crazy! Back to they story, I was at his house and I said, “Greg give me 5 tips for a sub 20 minute 5K”.

What should sub 20 min Mile Pace be?

Sub-20-min is anything less than 20 minutes. Divided by 3.1 miles, that’s roughly 6.4 minutes per mile. That equals to 6:26 running pace. So, if you run the first 3 miles at 6:26 per mile, you’ll reach the 3-mile mark at 19:18, then you still got 1/10 of a mile to make it to the end.

Can a 48 year old woman run a sub 20 5K?

I don’t want to be sexist or ageist but those are key factors.For a 48-year-old woman, it is an extremely DIFFICULT achievement, much less so for a 20-year-old man wherevery many of you should be able to do it from a good fitness base.

When to stop the sub 20 training plan?

At the end of the first 4-week cycle you can repeat and/or tailor the plan to your individual needs to focus on your particular 5k event. It is recommended that after three months following the sub 20 5k plan that you reduce your training for a period of one to two weeks to allow your body time to recover from the impact of running.