Is Terminator 1 or 2 better?

Is Terminator 1 or 2 better?

The Terminator Makes For a Better Chase Movie than T2: Judgment Day. It kind of does with the original Terminator. Because while T2 never really lets up, and it’s scene, after scene, after scene of memorable moments, The Terminator actually takes its time more, lending itself to the horror elements I mentioned earlier.

Is Terminator 1 or 2 better Reddit?

Terminator 2 is one of the best action movies ever made. The Terminator is the better movie. But T2 is the most fun and favorite of the two for me. I believe the first Terminator film tells a stronger story in better fashion, even if it isn’t as flashy and doesn’t have the same budget for action and special effects.

Is Terminator 2 overrated?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day While praised for its inventive and intense action sequences, the first Terminator sequel cannot hold a candle to the original in terms of plot. T2, as this film is also known, was massively overhyped upon its release in 1991 and remains overrated to this day.

Is Terminator 2 a remake?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (also promoted as T2) is a 1991 American science fiction action film produced and directed by James Cameron, who co-wrote the script with William Wisher. It is the sequel to the 1984 film The Terminator, and the second installment in the Terminator franchise.

How much was Arnold Schwarzenegger paid for Terminator 2?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid an incredible $21,429 per word for his role in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The actor, now 73, spoke a total of 700 words in the 1991 movie and earned $15 million for his portrayal of the cybernetic android.

Why is T2 so good?

1. It pioneered CGI. The T-800 robot skeletons you see in the opening scene are actually animatronic, but T2 was a groundbreaking effort in computer generated imagery. So much so that the team actually won Oscars for both Special Effects and Make Up that year.

Is Terminator a bad guy?

The Terminator (also known as The T-800) is the titular main antagonist of the 1984 live action film The Terminator. This specific model 101 was a design made by Dr. Serena Kogan and sent back through time by the supercomputer, Skynet, which had touched off nuclear war and took over the world in its aftermath.