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Is the 2009 Holden Cruze a good car?

Is the 2009 Holden Cruze a good car?

But for the money the Cruze is a real bargain. It’s a solid, well built entry into the small car market but performance is handicapped by the less than ideal match between the petrol engine, despite developing 104kW, and the six-speed sequential auto gearbox.

How much does it cost to replace a Holden Cruze gearbox?

Asked by Nina Kaur My 2012 Holden Cruze is with a transmission expert for repairs. It is only two months out of warranty and has done only 77,000 km, and it will cost $4000-5000 to fix.

Does 2009 Cruze have Bluetooth?

Notably, Cruze misses out on Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, a six-CD stacker and satellite navigation – even as optional equipment. Cargo capacity on all Cruze (sedan) variants is 400 litres with the seats up.

Is Holden Cruze 2010 a reliable car?

Reliable Excellent Everyday Comfortable Very easy to park and drive on any type of road. Economical to run The car I use is 7 years old but still good at fuel consumption. Though I am a second owner of the car, so far no mechanical issues.

Is Holden Cruze a Daewoo?

Daewoo Lacetti, aka Holden Viva at some point in Australia, is a C-segment or compact car manufactured by Daewoo/GM since 2002. The Daewoo Lacetti Premiere (J300), aka Holden Cruze (a rebadged Chevrolet Cruze), was released in 2008. It is referred to as the Lacetti’s second generation but also its successor.

What is a Holden Cruze?

The Cruze is a small car from Holden, offered in sedan, hatch and wagon variants, with a range of petrol engines and a turbodiesel. This vehicle is also known as Daewoo Lacetti Premiere.

How do I play music through Bluetooth in my Holden Cruze?

From the info-screen in the car, select Add Device (Handsfree) at which point the car’s Bluetooth system will search for and find the signal from your mobile phone. When that happens, a four-digit code should be displayed on the screen which is then keyed into the phone’s keypad to make the connection.