Is the 2019 chair rail outdated?

Is the 2019 chair rail outdated?

The chair rail is weak. It is not a dated look, this is just not executed well, especially considering the beautiful soffeted ceiling and the width of your crown moulding. Consider complete panelling below the chair rail: wainscoting or bead board would be a beautiful look.

How many inches should a chair rail be from the floor?

around 32 inches
As a general rule of thumb, the best height for most walls sits around one-third the distance up the wall from the floor. So, in an eight-foot-tall room, you’d want to hang your chair rail moulding at around 32 inches from the ground. Other experts say that around 25% of the wall’s height is a better placement.

What size chair rail do I need?

The chair rail should measure, at minimum, as wide as the top bar of the chairs. If the chair rail is for decoration or you aren’t working with a homeowner directly, choose a rail between two and four inches wide. Wider chair rails work better in rooms with higher ceilings.

What can I use instead of a chair rail?

Chair Rail Alternatives

  • Ribbon. Use ribbon as a chair rail alternative by adhering it with a thin coating of wallpaper glue.
  • Paint Shades and Patterns.
  • Fabric.
  • Vinyl Appliqués.
  • Decorative Buttons.

Does chair rail add value?

Value! Of all the home improvements you can make, chair rail is one of the least demanding in terms of cost and labor. Studies have shown that installing moldings (like crown or chair rail) can have a positive impact on the selling price of a home.

Which side of chair rail goes up?

As a general rule, chair rail should be applied one-third of the way up the wall from the floor—so for a room with an 8-foot ceiling, installing the chair rail at around 32 inches is a safe bet.

Do dado rails make room look smaller?

Anything which interrupts the flow of form or colour, will ‘trip’ our eye and temporarily halt its smooth progression, so dado and picture rails, borders and horizontal lines will always make the ceiling appear lower.

Can you glue chair rail to the wall?

Apply Loctite® Power Grab® Molding & Paneling Adhesive to the back of the chair rail and press into place. Power Grab has Instant Grab™ so it will stick to the wall with minimal bracing, greatly simplifying the job.

Should wallpaper go above or below chair rail?

Install a chair rail to divide the walls of a large room horizontally, then wallpaper only above or below this chair rail and paint the remainder.

What is the point of chair rail?

Chair rail creates a decorative element in a room, but it also acts as a protective barrier from wear and tear in high traffic areas or spaces where furniture is moved around often. This trim is commonly used in dining rooms, breakfast nooks, living rooms and foyers.

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