Is the Nissan Patrol Gu reliable?

Is the Nissan Patrol Gu reliable?

What do we love about the GU Y61 Patrol? The GU Patrol is a proper alternative to the all-conquering Toyota LandCruiser dynasty. The Nissan is sensational off-road and reliable, provided you buy the right version. The Nissan is sensational off-road and reliable, provided you buy the right version.

What is the best Patrol engine?

The best used Patrol is a factory turbo-diesel or turbo-intercooled-diesel 4.2-litre.

What are the most common problems with a used Nissan Patrol 4×4?

Nissan Patrol GR Common Problems and Solutions

  • Differential seals broken. Problem:
  • Engine management warning light. Problem:
  • EGR Valve blocked. Problem:
  • Cracking noise from steering at low speeds. Problem:
  • Lack of acceleration power. Problem:
  • Not Starting When Warm. Problem:
  • Banging Noise From Rear. Problem:
  • Overboosting.

How many km will a Nissan Patrol last?

Reply By: Motherhen. Our 01/2002 3 ltr Patrol auto is over 200,000 kilometres now, and hasn’t need any mechanical work other than regular services. They are not worth much on the second hand market, so if it is reliable and you have set it up to suit you, keep it.

Why is Nissan Patrol expensive?

Nissan’s Patrol is now more expensive than it was last year, but equipment levels remain unchanged. Nissan Australia has confirmed there are no specification changes in line with the price increases, but instead the change is due to the economic factors of “doing business”.

Is the Nissan Patrol a good car?

The Nissan Patrol is tried, tested and proven to be a reliable, capable and comfortable off road people mover. For decades, it has had a rock solid reputation to tackle the toughest of terrains with its petrol powered V8 certainly having the power to keep going.

Why is Nissan Patrol illegal in US?

Currently, the Nissan Patrol isn’t allowed in the United States because its safety features aren’t up to code. But the 2020 model may have had some significant updates to become a safer SUV. Also, we aren’t sure if this rugged SUV can meet current emission standards.

What’s the difference between a GU and GQ Patrol?

Gu’s are heavier, taller, wider, and their bullbar is mounted higher and further forward. GU’s have bigger wheel arches, arent as good in mud or sand as GQ’s and the GU td42t never had an auto, but the GQ td42t got the option.

Is ZD30 good engine?

The ZD30 engine has suffered a poor reputation for premature failures including melting/cracking pistons and overboosting, largely due to some common issues.

Are Landcruisers better than patrols?

It’s less powerful than the Patrol (200kW at 3600rpm), but has more torque lower in the rev range (650Nm at 1600–2600rpm). Both the LandCruiser and Patrol have some tricks within the chassis to help promote performance on- and off-road. The LandCruiser has KDSS, which stands for Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System.

Is Nissan Patrol better than LandCruiser?

The Patrol has a bigger capacity 5.6-litre petrol V8, producing more power but less torque at higher revs – 298kw at 5800rpm and 560Nm at 4000rpm – than the LandCruiser. It has a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Is LandCruiser better than Patrol?

The LandCruiser can carry 138 litres of fuel, while the Patrol can carry 140L. So based on our testing returns, that gives the Patrol a touring range of 707km with a 50km safety, while the LandCruiser has a 1012-kilometre range, with the same 50km safety net. So the diesel is, as expected, a lot more efficient then.

Is there a forum for Nissan Patrol Gu?

Technical and general discussion forum for Nissan GU’s and late model GR’s. Y61, 1998-2010. Please post all GU specific topics in this forum. It should be noted that this includes Safari models (in lieu of Patrol)

Which is better 4.8 patrol or 4.7 Gus?

I think the 4.8 patrol is one of the the best tow vechiles in australia bar none! 100 V8s are more economical than 4.8 GUs, I have written many times before but once again, the 100s 4.7 V8 only has not as much torque off the line as the 4.8. On most hills the 100 will be in 4th and 3000-3400rpm where the patrol will be in 5th.

Why are my seat belts not working on my Nissan Gu patrol?

Although not a safety issue or costly repair, this problem can tell a lot about the GU Patrol you are about to purchase. Owners who tend to be a bit lazy with maintenance will for sure forget about cleaning the seat belts. Seat belts that haven’t been cleaned will be slow to retract and in some instances will not retract at all.

What should the 100 rpm be on a Nissan Patrol?

On most hills the 100 will be in 4th and 3000-3400rpm where the patrol will be in 5th. Given the very smooth nature of the V8 its not a problem. Im not surprised you could hold a 6.0/6.4 powerstroke, it had probably thrown a code, seriously.