Is the Remington 760 a good rifle?

Is the Remington 760 a good rifle?

I would say they are a good rifle. You will find thousands of them in the woods every rifle season. If the condition is good and the price is good I’d say go for it. The 30:06 is a proven deer slayer and has capabilities for much larger game.

What caliber is a Remington 760 Gamemaster?

The 760 model used a detachable 4 shot box magazine originally produced only for the 300 Savage, 30-06 and 35 Remington calibers. Throughout production, other calibers were added, including; 270 Win., 257 Roberts, 244 Rem., 308 Win., 243 Win., 280 Rem., 222 Rem., and 223 Rem.

When did Remington stop making the 760?

Remington Model 760
Produced 1951–1981
No. built 1.03 million
Variants see variants

Will a Remington 7600 magazine fit a 760?

Will a 7600 magazine fit in a 760? Yes.

What replaced the Remington 750?

The Remington Model 750 was a semi-automatic rifle and successor to earlier semi-automatic rifles Remington Model 740, Remington Model 742 and Remington Model 7400. Production began in 2006 and discontinued in 2015.

Is the Remington 750 discontinued?

Is the 300 Savage a good deer rifle?

The 300 Savage is a great deer cartridge developed with the intent of giving similar ballistics to the ’06 in a shorter action. It was very popular for a while and obviously is now overshadowed by the 308 Win.

When did the Remington Model 760c come out?

In all, Remington sold a phenomenal 1,034,462 Model 760 rifles & carbines in the twenty-one year period ofmanufacture. A major change to the Model 760 line occurred in 1960 with the introduction of the Remington Model 760C carbine.

How many chamberings are in a Remington 760?

When measuring barrel lengths, go from the gas port on the operating side of the receiver to the muzzle. REMINGTON MODELS 760, 7600, SIX CHAMBERINGS BY YEAR OF MANUFACTURE YEAR .222 REM

Is the Remington 7600 engraved 308 cal rifle in good condition?

HARD TO FIND REMINGTON 7600 ENGRAVED 308 CAL RIFLE. IT IS USED BUT IS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION AND WITH STRONG RIFLINGS. CREDIT CARDS (4%) OR USPS MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED ANY QUESTI …Click for more info This Remington rifle is in very good condition. The receiver and barrel show wear and light discoloration due to age.

Is the Remington 7600 pump in good condition?

Remington ~ 7600 ~ .30-06 Sprg. Very good condition overall with a caveat. The metal is in great shape with no rust but does have a few spots/areas of finish loss. There are in predominately high traffic such as the underside (from …Click for more info Remington 7600 pump 308 Win in box Exc Cond!