Is the Rode Procaster a good mic?

Is the Rode Procaster a good mic?

Rode Procaster is a relatively inexpensive broadcast microphone, which yet offers professional quality sound. It has a very smooth and manageable response, which makes it ideal for recording. At the same time, the mic rejects a lot of room noise and minimizes such effects as popping.

Is Rode Procaster good for music?

So if you’re looking for a good broadcast dynamic microphone at a good price, definitely check out the Rode Procaster. It works really well on vocals. It can even be used for instruments, so it’s not a one trick pony. I was very happy with the frequency range and quality of the audio recording on the microphone.

What kind of mic is the Rode Procaster?

RØDE Procaster/Type

Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone The RØDE Procaster is a broadcast-quality dynamic microphone, specifically designed to offer no-compromise performance for voice applications in the broadcast environment. It features a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response.

How much gain does Rode Procaster need?

Like other known broadcasting microphones, the Rode Procaster is a gain hungry beast. It does not require as much as a Shure 7B, yet it is not far off either. You will need about 50-56db of gain to drive the mic for spoken dialog, depending on how loud you are and how close you want to get.

Does the Rode Procaster need a Cloudlifter?

Does the Rode Procaster need a Cloudlifter? Absolutely. This microphone will benefit from every boost you can give it, and products such as the Cloudlifter CL-1 are tailor-made to provide low output microphones such as this a much-needed gain boost.

What do I need for the Rode Procaster?

You will need a boom arm or mic stand to use the Rode Procaster. It definitely isn’t a mic that should be hand-held. You can mount it to a mic stand using the Rode RM2, which usually comes in the box with the Procaster as standard.

Does rode Procaster have USB?

The RØDE Podcaster is a dynamic, end-address USB microphone that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity, allowing recording direct to a computer without the need for an additional digital interface. The microphone is bus powered and features a status LED to indicate operation.

Do I need a cloud lifter for Rode Procaster?

Does Rode Procaster need preamp?

To achieve an acceptable recording level with a mic such as the Procaster, either a gain boosting device such as a Cloudlifter or an interface with good preamps is needed. As preamps increase in gain, the potential for additional noise, and sound coloring also increases.

Does Rode Podcaster need a pop filter?

The Podcaster features an internal pop filter, designed to minimise plosives sounds that can overload the microphone capsule and distort the audio output. The Podcaster includes a sturdy RM2 microphone ring mount. For professional applications the optional PSM1 shock mount and PSA1 boom arm are highly recommended.