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Is the Yamaha 74-75 gt80 in good condition?

Is the Yamaha 74-75 gt80 in good condition?

I bought a 74-75 GT80 for my 13-year old son (aka Yoohoo) for Christmas. (The manufacture date is 11/74 but it is yellow). I’ll post a picture later. It is in very good condition and runs great. No turn signals but it does have the original tool pouch. 3000 miles.

Can a headlight work on a Yamaha gt80?

If the GT80 is like the rest of the Enduro line, all the lights except headlight should work off battery alone (you can test with a battery charger in place of the battery). The headlight runs strictly off the mag.

How big is the throttle sleeve on a Yamaha gt80?

Universal Grips with Throttle Sleeve Attached (Includes 3 Different Throttle Sleeve Ends) ~ Black Set – for 7/8″ bars. 120mm Length

When did Yamaha add the front fork to the Enduro?

Small but big on COOL! Re: My GT80 update and a front fork question. Yamaha added the IT line to be their professional racing enduro model at the end of 1976 – blending the go of the YZ with the Swiss pocket knife attraction of the enduro.

What are the parts for a Yamaha gt80?

GT80 1973 1974 USA section with twenty-eight Other schematic pages. To discover exactly which parts you require use the on-line schematic exploded diagram – it will even give you some idea of where and how to fit those new parts. The REAR WHEEL schematic contains the largest amount of parts with forty-six listed products.

What’s the top speed of a Yamaha gt80?

Yamaha GT80 B can run at Top speeds of 91.0 km/h (56.5 mph), which is a very good speed. The steel frame is used in Yamaha GT80 B which made it more durable.

How do you test a Yamaha enduro tank?

If you are taking the petcock off the tank to clean it thoroughly, you can test by blowing through the different tank openings on the petcock and trying the different valve positions. The On opening has the brass tube sticking up, while the Reserve opening is flush with the valve body. A soda straw can help blowing into the Reserve opening.