Is there a Bobber kit for a Honda bike?

Is there a Bobber kit for a Honda bike?

But a complete bobber kit for Honda’s are almost non existent. Side Bar: The CB750 Bobber Project above is by Paul Hysell. If you are a veteran builder or bike owner and have built or customized your bike this is no surprise.

What kind of bike is a 1981 Honda CB650?

1981 Honda CB650, 4 carbs means 4 times the fun. A clean and classic vintage ride that will leave you feeling nostalgic. Whether you are looking to keep it stock or restored or you are looking for a clean base for a bobber or cafe project this is the bike for you.

How big is the rear tire on a Honda bobber?

***Very Nice*** 2001 Custom Honda Bobber This scooter turns heads wherever I go. You really need this in your shop. It is a hard tail and only runs a rear brake. 21″ front tire 18″ rear tire custom made exhaust has this scooter sounding right.

How much does a Honda Shadow bobber motorcycle weigh?

It is a four-speed manual transmission and pulls hard for a 600cc, the bike is very fast and stops on a dime (new brakes and tires). It probably weighs about 410lbs and is pretty nimble in the corners as well as traffic.

Can you turn a Honda hard tail into a Bobber?

As you can see above, there’s not a lot you need to do to turn your Honda into a bobber. You just need to get a couple of kits like the Hard tail conversion kit and the seat conversion kit, and the rest are mostly bolt on bobber kits like the bullets (if that’s your thing), and the handle bars.

What to do with a Honda bobber seat?

The second thing you’ll want to do is a seat conversion. You will get rid of that ugly stock Honda seat and replace it with an old school springer bobber seat like this: This seat above is offered by cycleexprezz. Third, you will want to get new handle bars.

Can a motorcycle be converted to a Bobber?

The main feature that makes your bike into a bobber almost instantly are the fenders…you will ‘bob’ the rear fender. In other words, shorten the fender (rear). To get it closer to a traditional bobber you will remove the front fender. That would be one of your first projects. The second thing you’ll want to do is a seat conversion.