Is there a long distance train from Stuttgart Hbf?

Is there a long distance train from Stuttgart Hbf?

Stuttgart Hbf is currently a terminal station, but on completion the long distance ICE and IC trains to/from Stuttgart will use new underground platforms/gleis – meaning that long distance trains passing through the city will no longer have to reverse direction.

When did the Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart Open to traffic?

The underground Stadtbahn station, called Hauptbahnhof (Arnulf-Klett-Platz), in front of the station hall under Arnulf-Klett-Platz was opened to traffic on 9 April 1976. Today, ten Stuttgart Stadtbahn lines serve the station. The S-Bahn station was used (as of 1993) by about 120,000 passengers per day.

Where are the bus platforms at Stuttgart Airport?

It is located at ground level beneath the newly built P14 car garage. The three lanes include a total of 18 bus platforms, with platforms 1 to 3 serving regional transport. National and international long-distance bus services leave from platforms 4 to 18, along with non-scheduled Services.

What are the plans for Stuttgart Main Line?

Plans for the controversial Stuttgart 21 project to convert the main line terminus station into an underground through station include the demolition of the side wings of the building, together with the elimination of the platforms, tracks, and apron of the terminus station.


How tall is the Hauptbahnhof station in Stuttgart?

The 56 metre-high station tower is a landmark of the city of Stuttgart and marks the end of Königstraße. It is founded on 288–290 piles with a length of between 10 and 11 metres.

When was the second Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart built?

Due to increasing railway traffic, the first building was replaced by new construction at the same spot in the 1860s. Between 1863 and 1867, the engineers Klein, Georg Morlok, Carl Julius Abel and later city architect Adolf Wolff created this second station, with 8 tracks, featuring a building with grandiose arches in the Renaissance Revival style.

Is the Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart made of concrete?

The pillars in the terminal station hall are made of exposed concrete . The station is also integrated into the urban planning of the city of Stuttgart. The structure adapts to the sloping terrain (there is a difference in height of almost five metres between the tower and the north exit).

How big is the train station in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart train station Stuttgart train station, with its rotating Mercedes-Benz symbol atop a 56-metre tower, is one of the city’s emblematic buildings. The large, historic and industrial-like establishment has a sandstone, tuff, brick and wood interior. Around 300,000 people use the station daily from all across Europe.

How to contact Deutsche Bahn for international trips?

For international trips, at least 48 hours in advance. Here you can request assistance online. Alternatively you can contact our Mobility Service Centre at 030 65212888 or [email protected] If you have any questions, simply contact the relevant Triple-S centre or our mobility service centre at 030 65212888.

Which is the best DB station in Germany?

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