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Is there a problem with Candy Crush Saga today?

Is there a problem with Candy Crush Saga today?

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Candy Crush. Are you experiencing issues or an outage?

Why is my candy crush level different on my phone?

Sorry to hear about your Problem on Levels visibility difference on different devices. ✓Check the version installed on your phone and on tablet. If they are different then this is the cause. Try Updating Games on your phone and tablet to latest Version.

How do I update candy crush on my Iphone?

To make things even easier for you, you can update Candy Crush Saga simply by visiting the link below from your mobile phone. The link leads to the application directly at Google Play Store. Once you’ve clicked on it, just hit the button Update present on the screen that opens to update the application.

Why are my king games not loading?

If you experiencing issues with the game loading, please firstly shut down all other running programs, as this can affect the games performance. If the issue persists, you may need to check you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Please click here to download the latest version to your computer.

Why has my Candy Crush Saga stopped working?

Note: Please notice that sometimes the game app crashes is majorly caused by outdated system and apps. Therefore, please be sure that your device is updated with all apps especially the game – Candy Crush that you are playing have been updated. Do remember to update your App store or Game app to the latest version; 3.

Is Candy Crush different on iPhone?

Some levels may get updated to a newer version and the platforms can get the update on different dates. Also some extra features can only be available on certain platforms, but there should not be any differences in the game between iPhone and Android as long as you have the latest update installed.

Are Candy Crush and Candy Crush Saga the same?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation of their browser game Candy Crush.

Why is my candy crush stuck on loading?

Go to Settings > Apps/Application manager > Choose the app candy crush saga > Tap Clear cache option. The slow or unstable network connection can also lead to app crashes or freezing on Android, Give me feedback after testing the causes.

How do you fix Candy Crush when it wont load?

Fix Candy Crush Saga crash/freeze error on Android

  • Extract/backup Android data into other spot such as PC or USB drive.
  • Delete files after extracting Android data.
  • Uninstall Candy Crush Saga and reinstall it.
  • Extract files on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Delete files on iOS device to free up memory space.